Medtech[y] How To's

A series of helpful videos

Want to get the most out of medtech[y]?

Check out some videos below to help you and community members get the most out of our new platform.

Add Medtech[y] to your Homescreen (iPhone or iPad)

Give yourself access to Medtech[y] from the comfort of your homescreen so it's always one click away.

Rate Your Company

Help make the industry better by rating your company. Our algorithm constantly updates them so every rating counts!

It only takes 30 seconds. Here's how.


Share Your Salary

Tired of getting bad information from a recruiter? We were too...

It takes less than a minute to take the survey which helps your peers make more informed career decisions.

Results will be published for all to see!

Looking for a New Career?

You can search and filter in numerous ways on our Job Listings page.

Here's how to search by company name.

Add a Picture to your Post

Trying to find the right words can be hard...

Adding a picture to your post can sometimes say it better than words alone. Here's how.