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FDA Received 6,000 Reports About Essure in 2018

1 month ago in Patient Focus

Isn't the FDA in place to protect patients? How did this go on for so long?

The FDA called the post-market surveillance study of the controversial birth control device “adequate.” Only 307 women have been enrolled in the Essure arm of the study.

The agency said it received about 6,000 medical device reports in 2018 related to the Essure birth control implant previously sold by Bayer. This is in addition to the nearly 12,000 reports the agency received in 2017 related to Essure. FDA said the n…

Intuitive Surgical da Vinci Maude Database Reports

4 months ago in Patient Focus

No they wouldn't because a lawyer would never take a case from a company that makes a scalpel. That's why Intuitive is a target and dare I say victim in many of these cases. Surgery is a risk regardless of the device(s) used during each case.

Black boxes installed in operating rooms

5 months ago in Patient Focus

I wouldn’t know. I have two different copies of my operative report detailing two different procedures. The DaVinci surge took longer than was anticipated (which is crazy bc robotic surgeries have a known issue of taking a lot longer to start with) and the hospital won’t give me the incident reports that the surgical techs submitted to Risk Management. The DaVinci logs are not available unless subpoenaed.

It can’t go both ways. If transparency isn’t a priority in innovation that is putti…

Davinci- what a scam

5 months ago in Patient Focus

“The site's system logs were reviewed with a procedure date of (b)(6) 2018, error 23075 was identified pointing to the right gimbal, indicating that it possibly moved without the surgeon's hands on the grip” idiot

Btw, what is up with the known issue of the wires breaking at the weld? What is your welding process in manufacturing and at which plant?

Intuitive knew for years that tier robot was defective and did nothing to prevent injuries.

2 years ago in Patient Focus

No proof you say? Go read 2017-03-13 066 Redacted Pl MPSJ Memorandum from Pohly vs. Intuitive and get back too us.

A lot people know about these internal documents from Intuitive and they do prove the company knew. These documents have and will be continued to be used in injury court cases. They prove the Intuitive knew for years about their defective tools and told no one and didn't take them off the market even after injury and deaths started being reported. Since then 277 deaths ha…

Apple unveils new health features in iOS 13

2 months ago

Yesterday, at Apple's Apple's annual WWDC developer conference, the company unveiled iOS13 their new mobile operating system. As expected, there were several health related features added to the latest software update, including iPhone and Apple Watch users now being able to monitor hearing health over time and menstrual cycles and symptoms.


2 years ago in Patient Focus

SAN JOSE, CA 95113-1090
RE: Saraniti v. Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
CASE NUMBER: 2013-1-CV-251195
RE: Wray, et al. v. Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
CASE NUMBER: 2013-1-CV-252128
RE: Hershey, et al. v. Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
CASE NUMBER: 2013-1-CV-254274
RE: Small v. Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
CASE NUMBER: 2013-1-CV-255587
The above entitled case has been set for a Special Settlement Conferenc…

JNJ Hurts Women

3 years ago in Patient Focus

You can't be serious...

Something meant for babies should be safe for adults, and many adults use baby powder.

Reports of Layoffs at Ascension Wisconsin

2 months ago

There have been rumors on our Ascension Health forum​ that layoffs were on the horizon, and this morning we received an anonymous tip sharing that 300-499 layoffs are being announced at Ascension Wisconsin.

Highest-paid CEOs in healthcare in 2018

2 months ago

The New York Times and Equilar published their 2018 ranking of highest-paid CEOs and thirty-two healthcare CEO's made the list. The list was built by referencing 200 CEOs from public companies with revenue of at least $1 billion.

Essure Victims Thread

3 years ago in Patient Focus

Persistence pays off and rewards you when you least expect it!!

da Vinci what a scam

4 years ago in Patient Focus

The DWASholes have 4 da Vinci scam threads on the site and they add up to over one thousand replies. Please go away.

Intuitive Surgical - Campaign To Stop Killer Robots

4 years ago in Patient Focus

Educated and read what is on the FDA's main page on any MDR report:

"Although MDRs are a valuable source of information, this passive surveillance system has limitations, including the potential submission of incomplete, inaccurate, untimely, unverified, or biased data. In addition, the incidence or prevalence of an event cannot be determined from this reporting system alone due to potential under-reporting of events and lack of information about frequency of device use. Because of this, MDRs…