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Wheeling Hospital Medicare Fraud

2 months ago in Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

Some docs were getting paid over $1 million in kickbacks from the hospital at direction from the CEO. Louis and the government are going to bank money on this case.

Stanford Medicine Presents Results of Apple Heart Study

1 day ago

Apple recently announced the results of the Apple Heart Study, which was led by physicians at Stanford Medicine. The study enrolled over 400,000 participants in an effort to evaluate Apple Watch's irregular rhythm notification.

Urine Testing Fraud

2 months ago in Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

I don't think the poster said SCS was a scam. More like the all the urine testing that pain clinics are having done.

Smart Lab Urine Testing Kickback Scheme

2 months ago in Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

What about their sales reps?

Lanny Fried, a top Smart Lab sales representative, had an agreement with Smart Lab to receive commissions of approximately 50% of the insurance reimbursements for the substance abuse treatment facilities he referred to Smart Lab. These payments were classified as commissions when in reality they were kickbacks for the referral of excessive, medically unnecessary, fraudulent and duplicative confirmatory drug testing. Fried served as the sales representative for Smar…

Medicare Fraud Everywhere

2 months ago in Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

Surgeons are the cheapest, man. They have no problem spending millions of dollars of hospital funds but they are too cheap to use sterile products on their own patients. Look at the numbers of balloon sinus surgery in the office over the last 5 years. Maybe payments have come down but not enough for these guys to put a patient at risk. This is nothing more than greed.

What is Mark Zuckerberg's number one hiring rule?

2 days ago

Building a culture at a startup, large organization or even a small sales team needs to be handled with care and thoughtfulness. Hiring one bad apple could impact how your company performs and gains traction in the market.

Tennessee Doctor Charged with Massive Opioid Fraud Scheme

3 months ago in Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

I want to know how many patients this doctor killed by prescribing these deadly drugs? Patients got hooked. If the prosecutors can prove the doctor was to blame for any patient's death, he needs to be charged with murder. Additionally, the DOJ should take his "earnings" from this scheme and use it to pay for the rehab these patients likely had to go through. Put the money to good use and take care of the patients who were affected.