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More Pain Cream Fraud

5 days ago in Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

How many other doctors accepted payments from compounding pharmacies in exchange for writing prescriptions? I also like how this guy was brought on as a medical director to make it seem more legit.

Four things to know:

1. Dr. Claflin was one of several healthcare providers targeted in an investigation that sought to determine whether the providers accepted payment from OK Compounding to prescribe a pain cream.

2. According to the OIG, Dr. Claflin began prescribing pain cream to patients in 2013 an…

53 medical professionals charged in opioid takedown

1 month ago in Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

31 physicians, seven pharmacists, eight nurses and seven other medical professionals,are charged with participating in the unlawful prescribing of more than 32 million pain pills. The charges allege that more than 350,000 prescriptions were written illegally in Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Alabama.

There are 60 defendants and they all face charges of unlawful distribution of controlled substances to healthcare fraud. Prosecutors claim physicians traded *…

Department of Justice charges 24 healthcare executives and doctors in $1.2B fraud scheme

1 month ago in Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

Twenty four telemedicine and medical equipment executives and physicians were recently charged by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) for their alleged part in a $1.2 billion healthcare fraud scheme.

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2 weeks ago

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Urine Testing Fraud

4 months ago in Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

I don't think the poster said SCS was a scam. More like the all the urine testing that pain clinics are having done.

Smart Lab Urine Testing Kickback Scheme

4 months ago in Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

What about their sales reps?

Lanny Fried, a top Smart Lab sales representative, had an agreement with Smart Lab to receive commissions of approximately 50% of the insurance reimbursements for the substance abuse treatment facilities he referred to Smart Lab. These payments were classified as commissions when in reality they were kickbacks for the referral of excessive, medically unnecessary, fraudulent and duplicative confirmatory drug testing. Fried served as the sales representative for Smar…

Medicare Fraud Everywhere

5 months ago in Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

Surgeons are the cheapest, man. They have no problem spending millions of dollars of hospital funds but they are too cheap to use sterile products on their own patients. Look at the numbers of balloon sinus surgery in the office over the last 5 years. Maybe payments have come down but not enough for these guys to put a patient at risk. This is nothing more than greed.