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MedReps 2020 Best Places to Work in Medical Sales

3 weeks ago

Could there really be a best places to work in medical sales when COVID caused layoffs at every company out there?

Hillary Clinton Killed Biotech

5 years ago

Stop defending Libs on here ...Your kind is hated now by the majority of America which is a silent majority that will show up in MASS numbers to vote Rep You wait and see ! Just look at current polls and mood across America ....


Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Stock

5 years ago

The last two trading sessions have been wild for Aquinox Pharmaceuticals.

The stock surged by up to 365% on Monday morning.

On Friday, shares spiked by up to 400% and the stock is now up more than 1000% since Thursday. At the end of last week, the company reported earnings numbers and positive trial results for a drug that treats bladder pain syndrome.

This type of move higher (or lower) is not all that uncommon for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, whose revenues are sometimes underpinne…

Federal Judge Unseals Case & these companies aren't happy about it: JNJ, ENDO, Teva & Cephalon

6 years ago

Is this a surprise? All companies pay speakers.

  • Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a unit of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), spent almost $200,000 on speakers programs in Chicago from 2009 to 2013 to promote the painkiller Nucynta ER, the lawsuit alleges. The company paid 27 different physicians in the area to deliver the talks. Endo Health Solutions (ENDP) spent almost $4 million in 2008 to promote 1,000 speaker programs across the country.

  • Doesn't JNJ have a corporate integrity agreement with the DOJ a…

Who are the best and worst Pharmaceutical sales recruiters?

6 years ago

If you are really trying to understand, maybe you should ask for the best recruiters. When you ask for a list of the worst you appear to be trolling.

I don't know any good ones btw

Open Payments Website

6 years ago

Because we pay the FDA a lot of money to get devices approved.

Useless Pharma Reps

6 years ago

If I were a pharma rep I would kill myself. This is what you want to do with yourself - be a useless slug?

Why Big Pharma Must Cure Its Bad Rap

6 years ago

It doesn't help when drug costs are through the roof and insurance premiums continue to increase. Obamacare is the reason why but is doesn't matter, we are the ones who will get blamed.

Pharma Friday

6 years ago

No wonder my manager didn't call me back.

The Next Big Pharma Buyout

6 years ago

Shire also came out and said they want to be like Gilead. I think they are still a little upset about being left at the alter.