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Trump Proposes Ban on Middlemen Rebates

2 years ago

In case you're wondering, this is how the rebates work: Pharmacy benefit managers negotiate rebates from drug manufacturers to insurers in exchange for better coverage terms -- often in the form of lower copays for brand-name drugs. This makes it more likely that the insurers' enrollees will choose that cheaper brand-name medication over a competitor's version. The pharmacy benefit managers, however, also keep a portion of the rebate for themselves.

The rebate figures are eye-popping. Insurers re…

Stop the Challenger Rep talk

2 years ago

I think the point of your post is to never let your manager come in town for a field ride.

Record setting approvals for the FDA in 2017

3 years ago

The Death of a Pharma Salesman

4 years ago

This has been going on in hospitals for years. The hospital system signs a contract with a single source supplier, effectively turning sales reps into customer service reps. This is one of the reasons pay is going down in the industry.

Martin Shkreli gets punched in the face

4 years ago

I think some girl won the right to punch him. She better watch out though, I wouldn't put it past this dude to punch her back.

Express Scripts Kills Biotech

4 years ago

And I bet you thought the Abbvie board wouldn't find out you're a Gilead Vpak Fraud MOLE

Pharmaceutical Sales Recruiters

5 years ago

I've heard Keefer is good to work with. Anyone have experience with them?

Pharmaceutical Sales Office Lunches

5 years ago

What are your customer's favorite places to order from?

The RibCrib is a favorite around these parts.

Hillary Clinton Killed Biotech

5 years ago

Stop defending Libs on here ...Your kind is hated now by the majority of America which is a silent majority that will show up in MASS numbers to vote Rep You wait and see ! Just look at current polls and mood across America ....