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Trump and Biotech

2 weeks ago

The thing is he kind of won. Stocks ended up hitting all-time highs again, Iran felt like they got revenge by hitting some bases with no one in them and he killed the guy he wanted to.

I personally think he wanted to bomb Iran back but he actually listened to smarter people this time around. For someone who can't stand the guy I was impressed. Still think killing Qasem Soleimani was a waste as they will just replace him with someone more awful as he was.

Baker Brothers Advisors

2 weeks ago

Yep, 41,544,288 which is their 5th largest holding as of November 2019.

Google DeepMind Spots Breast Cancer Better Than Radiologists

2 weeks ago

Google’s DeepMind was recently able to beat radiologists in identifying cases of breast cancer. DeepMind used AI on 2D and 3D mammography images from ~30,000 women in the U.S. and the U.K, with DeepMind being able to identify people who had their cancer confirmed within the following year via a tissue biopsy or subsequent X-rays.

The article was published in Nature. The AI cut the number of people incorrectly referred for additional screening with a false positive by 5.7% and detecting 9.4% of …

Perceptive Advisors

2 weeks ago

I've heard about Perceptive Advisors Biotech hedge fund as being one of the best companies in the industry. Can anyone explain why they are so good and what companies they typically invest in?

I'm familiar with Baker Brothers and thought they were the best but I'm still new to this industry. Thanks in advance.

Amarin gets boost from AstraZeneca and Acasti's study failures

6 days ago

After fake news attacks, and constant attacks by short sellers, Amarin investors finally woke up to some great news on Monday morning as AstraZeneca​ and Acasti Pharma​​ both announced surprisingly disappointing study results for their fish oil products

Biotechnology Jobs

3 weeks ago

I haven't had much luck with LinkedIn groups. I tend to focus on finding biotech recruiters or searching in LinkedIn for biotechnology sales jobs and a number of them pop up. You can also search for biotech companies and they always post their openings on LinkedIn. If you are new to the industry I would start with some of the bigger companies like Amgen, Pfizer, Merck as they have good entry level jobs to choose from.

Aldeyra Therapeutics Phase 3 GUARD Trial

1 month ago

Aldeyra Therapeutics (Nasdaq: ALDX) enrolled the first patient today into the Phase 3 GUARD Trial of ADX-2191 for the prevention of proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR).

“Initiation of patient enrollment in the GUARD Trial marks an important step toward our goal of improving clinical outcomes for the thousands of patients with this rare but devastating condition,” said Todd C. Brady, M.D., Ph.D., President and CEO of Aldeyra. “Today, the only option for patients who develop PVR is surgery…

Apex Life Sciences

2 months ago

Here is a link to their career page if you are looking to work for Apex. Either way, they are a great resource and organization to be a part of.


2 months ago

I always thought BioSpace was more of a news site but I noticed they have an entire BioSpace jobs section and the ability to search for Biotech and lifesciences jobs all over their website. Have they turned into a job site for biotech?

Have any of the recruiters or companies that you work with used BioSpace to find candidates? Additionally, has anyone used their services to find a job in the biotech and lifesciences industry?