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Senators push FDA to speed up approvals of generic insulin

2 weeks ago

It's a political move AND it's also a bullshit move. The generic will be half the price but there are many diabetic patients who have to pay out of pocket and won't be able to afford $137.35 for a vial. Since 1996, the list price for Humalog has risen more than 1200% so the fact these bozos are trying to trick the country with this new pricing is an insult.

Aduro Biotech Layoffs

4 weeks ago

Aduro Biotech announced it was cutting 37 percent of its staff as part of a corporate restructuring. The company said it will institute a “strategic reset” to focus on its core strengths of the discovery and development of novel product candidates in the stimulator of interferon genes (STING) and a proliferation-inducing ligand (APRIL) pathways. The money it saves from cutting a third of its employees will be used to support development of the company’s lead programs.

Theravance Biopharma Layoffs

4 weeks ago

Sincere or no?

"Our portfolio has evolved over time, most recently with the approval and commercial launch of YUPELRI™ (revefenacin) plus the advancement of TD-1473 and ampreloxetine (TD-9855) into late-stage development programs. At this juncture, we concluded it was prudent to focus resources on our late-stage research projects and translational science, late-stage development pipeline, and the commercialization of YUPELRI™," said Rick E Winningham, chairman and chief executive officer of …

23andMe has 13 drugs in its pipeline

4 weeks ago

DNA testing company, 23andMe, is working on creating its own drugs for a range of ailments, including skin treatments to heart disease, according to Business Insider.

From Becker’s:

1. The genetic testing startup, which began its venture into creating new drugs in 2015, now has 13 drug candidates in its pipeline. Two of those medications are in the animal testing phase.

2. A former Genentech executive Richard Scheller heads up the program at 23andMe and a team of 70 scientists are focused on test…

NAPRx - National Association of Pharmaceutical Reps - Is this a scam?

1 month ago

This is incorrect. MSC has been providing quality education for candidates looking to get into the medical device business for several years. Look at all of the companies who are hiring their students. If you actually do some research you will find the MSC is far from a scam. It is an actual college.

This other association NAPRx sounds like the scam.

TRUMP: 'I’m going to bring down drug prices'

1 month ago

The free market is one thing. Pretending that taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers is part of your so-called free market is the problem.

For example, why is Catalyst Pharma starting to charge $375k per year for a medication that's been free for years? Yes, you heard it right. Firdapse has been free for years but not it's magically $375k per year. There's a word for what Catalyst is doing to those patients but I don't want to write it here.

Trump Proposes Ban on Middlemen Rebates

2 months ago

In case you're wondering, this is how the rebates work: Pharmacy benefit managers negotiate rebates from drug manufacturers to insurers in exchange for better coverage terms -- often in the form of lower copays for brand-name drugs. This makes it more likely that the insurers' enrollees will choose that cheaper brand-name medication over a competitor's version. The pharmacy benefit managers, however, also keep a portion of the rebate for themselves.

The rebate figures are eye-popping. Insurers re…

Stop the Challenger Rep talk

10 months ago

I think the point of your post is to never let your manager come in town for a field ride.

Stryker acquires OrthoSpace for up to $220 million

5 days ago

Stryker ($SYK) announced they are acquiring OrthoSpace for up to $220 million. The all cash deal includes an upfront payment of $110 million and future milestone payments of up to an additional $110 million.

Record setting approvals for the FDA in 2017

1 year ago

FDA approves expanded use for Abbott's MitraClip

6 days ago

Originally approved in 2013 for patients with mitral valve abnormalities who are not suitable for mitral valve surgery, Abbott's MitraClip was given the FDA ok for expanded use today.

Chicago Pharmaceutical reps have to get licensed

2 years ago

Exactly! How are sales reps more culpable than the doctors who prescribe the opioids. And the reality is most physicians are good citizens and would do no harm to their patients. There's maybe 2-5% of the physician population over-prescribing but Rahm is going to punish sales reps who are being given too much credit here. Frankly, we do nothing and have no control but this is a headline grabber that gets people thinking that change is going to happen. Nope. Next.