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Biosimilars being delayed cost US healthcare system $7.6B

3 weeks ago

A new whitepaper published by the Association for Accessible Medication's Biosimilars Council found that patent tactics preventing biosimilars from entering the market have cost the U.S. healthcare system $7.6 billion since 2015.

Although the FDA has approved 20 biosimilars, only seven are available for patient use in the U.S.

The paper claims, "This is a direct result of the patent schemes used by some brand-name pharmaceutical companies to maintain their lucrative product pricing monopolies be…

Vylessi Approved to treat loss of sexual desire in women

4 weeks ago

Brutal takedown from Stat:

The Vyleesi data don’t prove me wrong. Only 8% more of the women who injected themselves with the drug compared to a placebo shot had a modest increase in sexual desire. On a separate sexual “distress” score, the difference between Vyleesi and placebo was 4%.

Women struggling with sexual dysfunction, like men struggling with sexual dysfunction, deserve safe, efficacious treatments; unfortunately, the market has not given women many options. Vyleesi did not help wom…

​Karyopharm layoffs

1 month ago

The layoffs were poorly executed and from the business perspective things should have never been executed this way – there was no need for it.

I’ve worked here for a while and will be leaving on my own – people and management have changed and not for the better. The work life balance can be better and there is a ton of passive aggressive behaviors happening at Karyopharm.

If you look at the recent round of layoffs you can be sure there will be more to come. And they will tell you sweet thin…

New Jersey Relaxes Physician Payment Rules

2 months ago

According to STAT, New Jersey is being one of the more reasonable states in how they will restrict gifts and payments made to physicians by drug companies.

Last year the rule went into effect by placing a $10,000 annual cap on what physicians can earn from drugmakers. There was also a $15 cap on “modest meals” for educational events which is ridiculous.

The revision would keep the 10k cap but increase dinners to $30 from $15. The extra $15 is better but still kind of low. Most physicians are…

Now Pharma Reps are Wearing Scrubs

2 months ago

Pharma reps have finally seen the light. Reps in scrubs equal easier access than if they're in a suit.

Nostrum Laboratories Raises Cold Medicine Price by 326%

2 months ago

According to the Financial Times. Nostrum Laboratories raised the price of their prescription cold medicine by 326%. A 473mL bottle of promethazine and codeine now costs $170.55 with other drug companies selling the same product for $27 and $12.35. The CEO said he hopes their competitors raise their prices so they can sell more. I guess he doesn't realize that a higher list price means more out of pocket costs for the patient.

You can read the full report here.

Passive Immunotherapy and Cancer Therapies

3 months ago

Cancer is characterized by an abnormal cell growth. Until recently, cancer therapies were mostly based on surgery, radiation and non-targeted chemotherapy. This latter technique generally induces important undesirable effects as it kills indistinctively a large number of fast-growing cells, including healthy ones. The increasing success of immunothera…

Snapchat wants pharma companies to advertise in the app

3 months ago

Snap, parent company of social media app Snapchat, is trying to convince pharma companies to advertise products targeted for younger audiences in the app.

A report from CNBC said the company sent sales reps to the DigiPharma Connect conference to present on direct-to-consumer ads.

The company thinks their platform is ideal because it's a more comfortable place and users don't have the function to leave comments. Their younger audience is also a plus with 34% of its 81 million U.S. users being be…

FiercePharma's Top Pharma Companies in the World

3 months ago

Of course J&J is at the top of the list when they don't pay their reps at the going market rate. Save a lot of money that way.

Best Pharma Swag

4 months ago

There's no difference between a pharma and medical device rep during trade shows. In fact, most device jobs are starting to resemble pharma jobs so what does it matter....

Senators push FDA to speed up approvals of generic insulin

5 months ago

It's a political move AND it's also a bullshit move. The generic will be half the price but there are many diabetic patients who have to pay out of pocket and won't be able to afford $137.35 for a vial. Since 1996, the list price for Humalog has risen more than 1200% so the fact these bozos are trying to trick the country with this new pricing is an insult.

Aduro Biotech Layoffs

5 months ago

Aduro Biotech announced it was cutting 37 percent of its staff as part of a corporate restructuring. The company said it will institute a “strategic reset” to focus on its core strengths of the discovery and development of novel product candidates in the stimulator of interferon genes (STING) and a proliferation-inducing ligand (APRIL) pathways. The money it saves from cutting a third of its employees will be used to support development of the company’s lead programs.