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Ddw Chicago

6 years ago

No new orlean?!?!?? That's crap

Anonymous Postings?

5 years ago

Great information. Thanks for protecting your users and not storing IPs.

STAAR Surgical Announces FDA IDE Clinical Study Approval

2 days ago

STAAR Surgical Company (NASDAQ: STAA), a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of implantable lenses and companion delivery systems for the eye, is today announcing that the FDA in a letter dated December 6, 2019, stated that it has determined that STAAR has

3D Printing Devices

4 years ago

Now they are printing medicine. I can't wait to print weed off my printer. Puff puff give

FDA approves a drug made using 3D printing

For the first time, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved a drug made in part through 3D printing.


4 years ago

Such an obvious idea which is why no one thought of it.

3-D printing is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry

4 years ago

Pretty crazy, how soon before patients have 3d printers? That could be a nightmare for pharmacies and their retail business.