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Venture Capital and the State of Healthcare

4 years ago

The investment in anything will be suspect with the market getting crushed so far in 2016. I talked to a VC this week and they reiterated any product that is looking to come to market needs to be focused on value based healthcare. Hospitals aren't interested in purchasing equipment that costs them money. The product needs to help the patient and save the system money. Tough proposition.

RevMedx XStat FDA Approval

5 years ago

Stryker should acquire this company or distribute the product. What a slam dunk that could be in the E.R. and to EMT's.

3-D printing is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry

5 years ago

Pretty crazy, how soon before patients have 3d printers? That could be a nightmare for pharmacies and their retail business.


5 years ago

Such an obvious idea which is why no one thought of it.

3D Printing Devices

5 years ago

Now they are printing medicine. I can't wait to print weed off my printer. Puff puff give

FDA approves a drug made using 3D printing

For the first time, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved a drug made in part through 3D printing.