Medical Sales General Discussion


4 years ago

The other day I tried courtesy flushing in the Panera bathroom but they had one of the water savers on the toilet.

The courtesy flush didn't work.

Apollo Endosurgery

4 years ago

What's going on with this company? The lap-band is dead but are they gaining any traction with Orbera or Endostitch?

Pain Cream

4 years ago

Jeff fired all those reps


4 years ago

Pretty cool product. Any reps have companies using it?

Selling Side Effects

4 years ago

Try and stop a doctor from using a product how they want to. It isn't illegal for a doctor to use a product off label.No wonder you were never successful at sales. Keep blaming it on other people. It's easier that way.

Mainstay Medical

4 years ago

Has anyone come across Mainstay Medical in the states?

German - Mainstay Medical: ReActiv8

Die in dieser Animation gezeigten anatomischen und physiologischen Mechanismen beruhen auf veröffentlichten Studien, können aber bei einzelnen Patienten…

Productivity Apps

4 years ago

Scannable is great because it links with Evernote and it has a business card scanning feature.


4 years ago

That place is dead...shocked it hasn't shut down.

Use a recruiter or medreps if you're looking for a job.

Are vendor credentialing services a scam or necessary?

4 years ago

He works at a distributor they aren't up on the latest technology. They're a bunch of meathead case jockeys trying to make a buck.

The poster is correct, you can pay for all those certifications on all the vendor Credentialing sites.


Does Your Company Track Your iPhone? Well, now you know!

4 years ago

Did you read the article or look at the picture??? This is a new feature just released. You may have known your company tracks your phone but now Apple actually tells you they are for sure in their settings.