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Don't trust Bob Hutchinson & Peter Dowd from Healthco Search

1 year ago

So stupid. I love how candidates that don't get hired end up trashing the recruiter. Do your homework and take some accountability.

Recruiters Gone Rogue

1 year ago

A lot of hiring managers look for input like this from a recruiter. I think it says more about the manager than the recruiter. Blame the company that promoted the dolt.

Impact of Innovation (Required for my Master's Degree Program)

1 year ago

Innovations surround us all the time in healthcare many making huge impacts on many of our lives or our families lives. One innovation that had its patient filed about 34 years ago but recently in the past ten years is gaining a lot of momentum in changing the current systems set up to help people in healthcare is 3D printing of medical devices. When it comes to 3D printing, it is an additive manufacturing process in which several layers are built successively using raw material to create a thre…

What are my chances of getting into med sales?

1 year ago

The problem with those jobs is that unless you get a direct sales job with a Xerox or Ricoh you end up working for one of their distributors and make very little money. Then the question is do you work for a ortho distributor and probably make a little more money or stick with a copier distributor if you can't get a direct sales job with one of them?

Is the sales training at an Orthopedic distributor good?

Entry Level Medical Sales Jobs

1 year ago

They tweet out all of the jobs their students get and they look like solid jobs. If you are striking out with interviews and recruiters, MSC may be worth trying.

Best National Sales Meeting Stories

1 year ago

Hang out in the hotel bar until really late to see the action. Cheating and hookers come to mind.

AccuVein Territory Manager

2 years ago

I would also like to know any comp or general info on working in sales at accuvein.

Engineering survey to help a student MBA team

2 years ago

Hey everyone,

I could reallllly use some help on this. Need some creative tech-minded minds where my business mind lacks. any help would be greatly appreciated!

I am a MBA student at California State University, Northridge. As my culminating experience in the program, I am part of a team of MBA students that is working as a business consulting group for a local company. Our client manufactures unique technology that fuses high-quality uncompressed video with precise time stamping, and accommodate…

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2 years ago

So 75k and 135k at plan is not realistic based on the research you did? They are telling me those numbers are realistic.