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MedReps 2020 Best Places to Work in Medical Sales

3 weeks ago

Could there really be a best places to work in medical sales when COVID caused layoffs at every company out there?

Are Tesla’s good cars for sales reps?

1 year ago

A Model S or Model X is flashy. Those cars are $70K new. A Model 3 is $40K and only as flashy as a BMW 3-series or brands like Lexus, Acura, or Infiniti. Cost of ownership is on par with a Camry or Accord, though the upfront is 10-15K more and you'll go through tires unless you're a grandma. If the supercharger network is dense in your coverage area, or you mostly base at one location, you won't have much trouble. The 20-30 min charging time at a supercharger while you grab a cup of coffee …

Medical Equipment Sales

1 year ago

What are your thoughts on Medical Equipment sales like capital equipment versus a traditional disposable medical device job? I'm assuming Medical Equipment sales would be considered capital equipment with a longer sales cycle. I got a call and the money sounds good but I don't know anything about the business. I've only sold surgical devices.

Would appreciate any thoughts.

30 60 90 Day Plan Template

1 year ago

I think they're important to use when you are first trying to break into the industry but become less necessary as you work your way up. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with doing whatever you can to separate yourself from other candidates. Typically a 30/60/90 day sales plan is a way to do that.

Do any Medical Device or Pharma Sales Reps use WeWork?

1 year ago

I'm an RM for a device company and most of my team is in the same city as me or within driving distance. I've considered getting a desk at a WeWork near me for $250 per month. It would get me out of my home office and they also give you credits for a conference room each month. I would be able to host team meetings if I need to.

Free coffee and internet. It would save the company money when meeting with reps because I wouldn't have to expense coffee or snacks during a meeting.

Is this a complete …

Driving for Uber in my company car

1 year ago

I doubt Uber cares. They are super corrupt. Just ask them not to tell your company and I bet they'd be cool with it. The question is, do you use their gas card or pay for your own gas?

Wearing Scrubs to the Airport

1 year ago

There's a hospital in my territory that gives out pink scrubs to reps so they are easily identified. I bring my own thong.

In B2B SaaS sales. Diabetic and want to move into the Medical Device or Pharma sales. Need advice.

2 years ago

A lot hire from outside the industry but why would you want to leave software sales? Device jobs seem to be topping out and if you have a great year your quota will be so high the next year you will barely make any money.

I know software sales reps making bank and barely working.

ZS Associates: More than half of doctors have 'no access' policies for reps

2 years ago

Why would you say that? ZS does everything for sales management and recommends when to layoff sales reps and what the quotas should be. If the CEO's of medical device and pharmaceutical companies realized how many decisions were made by ZS as opposed to sales leadership, those same CEO's would elect to fire 80% of management at their company.

Marketing to Doctors

2 years ago

I'm sure it wasn't hard to find an NSM clip that made you look like a fool.