Medical Sales General Discussion Jobs

6 months ago

I’ll never understand why a sales candidate would ever pay for a service like this. Find 10 recruiters on LinkedIn and call them.

In B2B SaaS sales. Diabetic and want to move into the Medical Device or Pharma sales. Need advice.

6 months ago

A lot hire from outside the industry but why would you want to leave software sales? Device jobs seem to be topping out and if you have a great year your quota will be so high the next year you will barely make any money.

I know software sales reps making bank and barely working.

ZS Associates: More than half of doctors have 'no access' policies for reps

8 months ago

Why would you say that? ZS does everything for sales management and recommends when to layoff sales reps and what the quotas should be. If the CEO's of medical device and pharmaceutical companies realized how many decisions were made by ZS as opposed to sales leadership, those same CEO's would elect to fire 80% of management at their company.

Marketing to Doctors

8 months ago

I'm sure it wasn't hard to find an NSM clip that made you look like a fool.

Should Sales Reps Sandbag?

11 months ago

Just let the suckers put the orders in and look bad the next month or year. It will make you look better when you're always hitting your number and they're all over the place.


Do I Need A Brag Book for Medical Sales Interviews?

1 year ago

A good recruiter will be able to share examples of good brag books. Just copy those with your own awards. It'll take 30 minutes. Then take it to kinkos and get it bound.

Where to have resume redone?

1 year ago

I wouldn't pay someone. If you have a decent job, any good recruiter will work with you and should be willing to provide examples of what a good resume looks like.

Medical Sales Job Openings from Medtechy Jobs

1 year ago

A great new medical device Area Sales Manager position was just posted. Click on the link to review the job description and apply if you are interested.

Area Sales Manager at Ideal Search Services LLC

Client Information: ·         Company has seen steady growth since being established in the 1970’s.  ·         Recognized as a leader in vision...