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Is PrepMD or ATI Worth it?

2 weeks ago

From looking into it further, that’s just from the time period they’re reporting on, which the 2 schools use diff time periods so that’s why ATI’s is higher placement cause it’s a longer period they’re reporting on.

I’m looking at the 2 in terms of ATI having a 100% pass rate, and PrepMD scores their students. I could see pros and cons for both. If I did super well in the program I’d want to be scored so hiring managers saw that. But if I didn’t do well I’d rather go to ATI s…

Wearing Scrubs to the Airport

2 weeks ago

There's a hospital in my territory that gives out pink scrubs to reps so they are easily identified. I bring my own thong.

Are Tesla’s good cars for sales reps?

3 weeks ago

Tough call. I think the Model 3 is less flashy and wouldn't be considered as flashy as the Model S. I get your point though. From a different perspective, I think it is less flashy than a BMW (lots of reps drive them) and less expensive than a Yukon. You don't have to pay for gas either. Plus, how often do customers see your car?

What do Medical Sales Reps Make?

2 months ago

Shouldn't the higher stress, higher pressure medical device job pay more than Biotech? A great medical device rep has so much more power to generate revenue compared to a biotech/pharma rep.

Edwards Lifesciences recalls Sapien heart valve delivery system

3 days ago

Fresh off broadening the approval for TAVR in lower risk, healthier patients, The U.S. Food & Drug Administration announced the recall of Edwards Lifesciences' SAPIEN 3 Ultra delivery system after a number of balloons burst during implantation, leading to several injuries and a death. Jobs

3 months ago

I’ll never understand why a sales candidate would ever pay for a service like this. Find 10 recruiters on LinkedIn and call them.

In B2B SaaS sales. Diabetic and want to move into the Medical Device or Pharma sales. Need advice.

3 months ago

A lot hire from outside the industry but why would you want to leave software sales? Device jobs seem to be topping out and if you have a great year your quota will be so high the next year you will barely make any money.

I know software sales reps making bank and barely working.

ZS Associates: More than half of doctors have 'no access' policies for reps

4 months ago

Why would you say that? ZS does everything for sales management and recommends when to layoff sales reps and what the quotas should be. If the CEO's of medical device and pharmaceutical companies realized how many decisions were made by ZS as opposed to sales leadership, those same CEO's would elect to fire 80% of management at their company.

Has anyone heard of WRB Capital paying hospital reps for making introductions?

4 months ago

Getting a progress update would be helpful. The commission seems unrealistic but sometimes a once in a lifetime opportunity comes around. I am interested as long as it is legal.

Marketing to Doctors

5 months ago

I'm sure it wasn't hard to find an NSM clip that made you look like a fool.