Medical Sales General Discussion

How do I get into Medical Device Sales?

3 days ago

Great advice! Thank you!! LinkedIn seems like a great place for me to start the search!!

Is MedReps Worth it?

4 days ago

Has anyone out there had success using MedReps to find a medical sales, medical device or pharmaceutical sales job? I'd rather not spend the money if I don't have to.

Do any Medical Device or Pharma Sales Reps use WeWork?

1 month ago

I'm an RM for a device company and most of my team is in the same city as me or within driving distance. I've considered getting a desk at a WeWork near me for $250 per month. It would get me out of my home office and they also give you credits for a conference room each month. I would be able to host team meetings if I need to.

Free coffee and internet. It would save the company money when meeting with reps because I wouldn't have to expense coffee or snacks during a meeting.

Is this a complete …

Driving for Uber in my company car

1 month ago

I doubt Uber cares. They are super corrupt. Just ask them not to tell your company and I bet they'd be cool with it. The question is, do you use their gas card or pay for your own gas?

Synaptive Medical Expands Availability of Modus V into Spine Market

3 days ago

​Synaptive Medical, a leader in automation and robotics, announced today a strategic commercial expansion into the spinal surgery market. As part of this expansion, Synaptive is also announcing a co-marketing collaboration with Stryker’s Advanced Guidance Technologies business for the company’s robotically controlled digital microscope, Modus V.

Are Tesla’s good cars for sales reps?

1 month ago

The Tesla pickup truck sounds awesome and would be a great vehicle for sales reps.

Is PrepMD or ATI Worth it?

2 months ago

From looking into it further, that’s just from the time period they’re reporting on, which the 2 schools use diff time periods so that’s why ATI’s is higher placement cause it’s a longer period they’re reporting on.

I’m looking at the 2 in terms of ATI having a 100% pass rate, and PrepMD scores their students. I could see pros and cons for both. If I did super well in the program I’d want to be scored so hiring managers saw that. But if I didn’t do well I’d rather go to ATI s…

Wearing Scrubs to the Airport

2 months ago

There's a hospital in my territory that gives out pink scrubs to reps so they are easily identified. I bring my own thong.

Independent Drug-Pricing Assessment Finds Vascepa Cost-Effective as an Adjunct to Statins in Treating Patients at High Risk of Cardiovascular Events, such as Heart Attack, Stroke and Cardiac Death

3 days ago

Amarin Corporation plc (NASDAQ: AMRN), a pharmaceutical company focused on improving cardiovascular health, today announced that an independent organization that evaluates pricing of prescription drugs has issued its final report assessing the cost-effectiveness of Vascepa (icosapent ethyl) capsules

What do Medical Sales Reps Make?

4 months ago

Shouldn't the higher stress, higher pressure medical device job pay more than Biotech? A great medical device rep has so much more power to generate revenue compared to a biotech/pharma rep. Jobs

4 months ago

I’ll never understand why a sales candidate would ever pay for a service like this. Find 10 recruiters on LinkedIn and call them.

In B2B SaaS sales. Diabetic and want to move into the Medical Device or Pharma sales. Need advice.

5 months ago

A lot hire from outside the industry but why would you want to leave software sales? Device jobs seem to be topping out and if you have a great year your quota will be so high the next year you will barely make any money.

I know software sales reps making bank and barely working.