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2 weeks ago

The entirety of LinkedIn is terrible. It’s basically Facebook for business, rife with frivolous content and blatant self-promotion. At least Mullings posts some relevant and original thoughts occasionally.

FDA tightening regulatory requirements for Pelvic Mesh and other devices

2 weeks ago

In response to problems reported with mesh, the FDA started requiring human testing for some of these products in recent years. The agency held an advisory committee meeting on Feb. 12 to discuss the safety and effectiveness of mesh and how it should be regulated.

Manufacturers by and large have said they don't oppose what the FDA is trying to do, calling the changes reasonable. But they have pushed back against calls to bring regulation of medical devices in line with that of pharmaceuticals.


Medical device tax stifles innovation

4 weeks ago

The argument that the medical device tax stifles innovation is as persuasive as the argument that limits on drug prices stifle innovation. You either believe that line of reasoning or you don’t. Being from Minnesota or another health care industry state should be irrelevant.


4 weeks ago

IMRIS recently partnered with Siemens so the company isn't dead. This deal will help IMRIS get their tech out in front of more customers.

Imris and Siemens are expected to announce the strengthened collaboration Monday, under which Imris will support sales of Siemens devices for magnetic-resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) and angiography. Imris, meanwhile, will benefit from increased exposure from Siemens’ extensive sales force across the U.S.

“We have strengthened our long-sta…

Why do medical device reps wear scrubs all day?

2 months ago

Spent years in sales, the OR (incl. Robotics) and currently selling devices meeting with docs and the c-suite, in a suite. I hate suites since they’re extremely uncomfortable, high maintenance and what pharma reps wear. Btw, if/when an OR worker goes to a public place in their scrubs it’s highly frowned on given the possibility for blood born path being spread. Think of the blood and all else on your shoes and that soccer mom’s kid on the Starbucks ground. Puddles of blood all over the flo…

What's the next big thing after compounding pain cream sales

1 month ago

There are a couple of intersect ent reps selling this system on the side to make up for lower comp the last couple of years.

Most chill job in med sales you have had?

1 month ago

I've sincerely never had a chill device job where you can make six figures.

Searching for a unicorn imo.

Stryker acquires OrthoSpace for up to $220 million

5 days ago

Stryker ($SYK) announced they are acquiring OrthoSpace for up to $220 million. The all cash deal includes an upfront payment of $110 million and future milestone payments of up to an additional $110 million.

Worst Med Device Retained Search

3 months ago

Yes, do tell please. I’ve got two that I have worked with in the past that are lazy hacks. JG in Dallas and RB in CO. Both are opportunists and struggle to learn their clients business much less their needs

FDA approves expanded use for Abbott's MitraClip

6 days ago

Originally approved in 2013 for patients with mitral valve abnormalities who are not suitable for mitral valve surgery, Abbott's MitraClip was given the FDA ok for expanded use today.

Grant Robicheaux, MD is Wild

3 months ago

Wow, I haven't heard of this story but I get the sense he was more focused on BDSM than doing surgery so the local reps may not even know him.

Medical Device Companies Suppressing MAUDE Reports

3 months ago

How about this CEO stop threatening sales reps that report these issues to the company. Let’s change the protocol. Rep reports the incident to the regulatory agency then the agency contacts the company to make sure there has been follow up. Eliminate the the CEO filtering process