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Medical Device Recruiters

2 days ago

A number of them have of never had a discussion with a physician about what's important to them in a customer driven sales consultant, much less ever even seen the inside of an ASC or an OR. Yet, they have all the capabilities and intuitiveness to determine what successful reps, Directors, VP's and CEO's do to become successful??? Crazy! And no, I am not against GOOD, CREDIBLE recruiters. I do believe there are good ones and have used them routinely. But, dig deep and look at previous place…

CoreLink Surgical

5 days ago

Has anyone seen CoreLink's Lateral Access System in a case?

Medical device company CoreLink Surgical launched its Lateral Access System and two implant systems — the F3D and CL5 Lateral interbody fusion devices — designed for lateral fusions, reports Business Wire.

Four things to know:

1. The F3D Lateral implant uses CoreLink uses 3D printing and finishing methods to develop the Mimetic Metal technology, which has a trabecula structure with interconnected 500-micron pores.

2. The implant is fus…

The Sunshine Act

1 month ago

It is accurate now, maybe not when it came out though.

Robotic Surgery and Shadow Learning Making Surgeon Trainees Bad at Surgery

1 month ago

Considering how many surgeries are moving towards robotic techniques, it's scary to think about how little experience some residents will have if robotic surgery becomes the standard of care in most specialties.

Virtual Incision

1 month ago

Anyone hear or have any familiarity with an upcoming robotic surgery company called Virtual Incision? They are developing a two-pound robotic device that operates entirely inside the body through a single abdominal incision and is expected to be less expensive and more portable than existing laparoscopic surgery robots. The company is gearing up to seek a 510(k) clearance for its device. I can't find much else except the story from MDDI.


1 month ago

Braun is still better.

Surgeon Royalty Payments from Medical Device Companies

1 month ago

I never realized how much money is at stake for surgeons who invent devices and then license them to medical device companies. As a sales rep, we are never exposed to the payment and contracting details but it can get ugly according to some of the cases I've been reading about. Not only can it cost the device company a pretty penny, the surgeon needs to ensure they aren't getting taking advantage of.

In a case I read about in the Indianapolis Business Journal, Indiana Spine Group President Rick …

Medtechy Deals: You Need this Car Jump Starter Kit

2 weeks ago

Today we are excited to announce an exclusive deal on the RavPower's 14,000mAh Car Jump Starter Kit which has all 5-star reviews and could save the day for a sales rep who needs their car to make a living.

Why should I use LinkedIn anymore?

1 month ago

Right but how many of the narcissistic managers in the medical device industry listen to this advice?

Levita Magnetics

2 months ago

I bet this company won’t last six months before they get acquired.

Best Medical Device Companies to Work for

2 months ago

I'm also interested in a company that has integrity and I can trust. Any suggestions?

I am sorry to tell you that you may be sorely disappointed if that is what you're expecting from a company in the industry. At some point even the best of them will fail you. Look out for yourself first.

Pain Cream Compound Sales

2 months ago

I bet they didn't take your advice 5 years ago and are either in jail or never made a penny.