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Buy an Entire Hospital Room on Amazon

2 weeks ago

Now I've seen it all...imagine being a hospital administrator and buying a hospital room on Amazon instead of through a long-standing company like Stryker. Well, now you can. Unreal world we live in now.

Is Your Hospital Being Penalized By Medicare?

3 weeks ago

Eight-hundred hospitals will have their Medicare payments reduced for patients discharged between last October and this September, according to Kaiser Health News. The penalties will be applied as hospitals submit claims to Medicare for reimbursement.

HCA Billing Fraud at Regional Medical Center in San Jose

3 weeks ago

This lawsuit was just unsealed, which alleges a former nurse at Regional Medical Center in San Jose, Calif., filed a submitted false claims to Medicare. I false claims stem from HCA billing for certain services on an inpatient basis when the patients were still waiting in the ED.

"The Regional Medical Center is frequently out of beds in its units and the emergency department is frequently well over capacity," the complaint states. "When this happens, patients that have been admitted to the hospit…