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What's the Strategy in the U.S. for Neovasc's Reducer?

8 months ago

Neovasc (Nasdaq: NVCN) is a medical device company primarily known for Reducer, which is a minimally invasive device that helps treat patients with refractory angina. The device has been approved in Europe

What's the Strategy in the U.S. for Neovasc's Reducer?

8 months ago

Neovasc (Nasdaq: NVCN) is a medical device company primarily known for Reducer, which is a minimally invasive device that helps treat patients with refractory angina. The device has been approved in Europe

В США тоже воруют / Куда складывать деньги? / Недотрак 1.24

19 hours ago

В США тоже воруют / Куда складывать деньги? / Недотрак 1.24
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Congressional Budget Office: Options for Reducing the Deficit

4 days ago

The Congressional Budget office put together a list of 18 ways in which could help alleviate the deficit between 2017-2026. After reading through their compiled information, data, and predictions I felt that option 10- Reducing Medicare’s Coverage of Bad Debt would be the best option to mitigate negative effects in our hospitals.

Bad debt occurs when hospitals are unable to collect out-of-pocket payments from their patients. Currently Medicare takes on as much as 65% (Congressiona…

the individual mandate

4 days ago

The “Individual Health Insurance Mandate” was initially created in an attempt to increase the overall health insurance coverage of American citizens through the use of penalties – or fines (CBO, 2016). If an individual does not have the satisfactory level of health insurance, they are charged dependent on an income-based assessment or at a fixed rate for every uninsured adult within the household and half of that amount for every uninsured child within the household (CBO, 2016).

10 Million Cranberry Evolve On the Ground in Los Angeles

2 weeks ago

We are next to the seller on a 10 million lot of Cranberry Evolve if you are direct with buyers, or next to mandate. Product is on the ground in L.A. with a simple SOP.

Buyer provides PO to get started and will then send BCL to seller mandate/seller attorney. Seller will then provide SGS to buyer.

This seller has consistently performed with other buyers we have sent to them.

Price: $22.90 $2 for this 10 million lot in L.A.

Seller can also fulfill lots of 5 million to 20 million at this price p…

pain won’t go way

4 weeks ago

so I’ve been having pain in my legs for around like 8 years I’ve been to several drs and no one could figure out what was causing it I’ve gotten x rays on my spine they said it was all clear I’ve got blood work done everything was normal got an ultra sound on my vails to check for blood clots in both my legs they found nothing insoles help a little bit they still hurt maybe someone here’s been thru the same thing idk

The U.S. Has The Most Expensive Healthcare System By Far

1 month ago

Exactly Health Is Basic Issue In US & Government Spend A Lot Of Money On Health, I Have Suggestion For You, You Must Use Pink Salt Products For Your Health Himalayan products are best known for their ionizing properties. It generates negative ions into your surroundings. This helps in practicing mindfulness and relaxation. Its natural properties cure allergies which occur due to the presence of irritants. T

Microsoft Teams In The Healthcare Field

1 month ago

The use of Microsoft teams in the workplace has increased since many companies have moved to work from home schedules during the COVID-19 pandemic. Microsoft teams is a collaboration system used throughout the business world for employees within a company or organization to communicate and collaborate on projects. Microsoft created a four-pillar system used to create effective and useful technology for organizations, these pillars include awareness, engagement, measurement, and management ("Depl…

Direct primary Care and Concierge Medical Practices Beware

1 month ago

I am 67 years old, on Medicare and lost my two Primary Physicians in two years because they switched their practice to the Direct Primary Care model of practicing medicine. A typical Primary Care Practice contains 2500 patients versus a typical DPC Practice contains 600 patients.

I wish to make you aware, if you are not already, that all across the country hundreds of thousands of patients are being abandoned by Primary Care Physicians who opt to practice under the DPC model . On average 190,000 …

Digital Technology

2 months ago

Read a Case Study and Write an Article

Case Study

Blue Shield of California Foundation Uses AHRQ Guide to Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Scope of the Study

An initiative by Blue Shield of California Foundation was implemented to use evidence-based algorithms on all adult Medicaid patients in three different counties to reduce hospital readmissions. Patients received evidence-based care at community health centers and clinics.

Environment(s) examined

The Foundation was led a team of nine …

Generally, the first medicine prescribed for type 1 And Type 2 diabetes

2 months ago

  • Insulin. People with type 1 diabetes need insulin treatment to live. Many people with type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes also need insulin treatment.There are many types of insulin available, including fast-acting, long-acting, and other options in between. Depending on your needs, your doctor can prescribe a combination of types of insulin to use during the day and at night.Insulin cannot be taken by mouth to lower blood sugar because digestive enzymes interfere with the action of insulin.…

Patient Portals Case Study

4 months ago

The Institute for Family Health is a network of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) serving over 80,000 patients in New York, New York (Calman MD, 2013). The scope of this case study focuses on the Institute’s experience with being the first community health center in New York City to implement patient portals and the use of electronic health records. The environment where this patient portal was rolled out includes patients who are vulnerable and medically underserved; including undocum…

Is PEMF effective for reducing Cholesterol and BP?

5 months ago

Sentient Element is one of the PEMF devices recommended to reduce Cholesterol and BP. How effective is PEMF Therapy to reduce BP and cholesterol