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Scott Gottlieb says anti-vaxxers creating national health crisis

1 day ago

Thankfully many of the doctors in my area are starting to refuse to see kids who have not received their vaccines. It's taken a while but I think many in the medical community are starting to fight back.

Should Hospital Systems Allow Physicians to Prescribe Medical Marijuana?

3 days ago

Original question: Should Hospital Systems Allow Physicians to Prescribe Medical Marijuana?

-If the state where the hospital resides has approved the use of medical marijuana, then yes, hospitals should be required to allow their physicians the ability to prescribe medical marijuana for their patients.

Consumer and Provider Costs

1 week ago

The Affordable Care Act has allowed for the expansion of Medicaid and Medicare eligibility as well as employer healthcare insurance markets to provide healthcare to the uninsured. Individuals must buy insurance and insurance providers must cover a list of essential health benefits. The law developed a range of delivery system reforms that limit healthcare costs and improve quality care.According to the most recent National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) data shows that the uninsured rate in earl…

Shanika Article - Care Coordination improved through Health Information Exchange

4 weeks ago

Shanika’s Article

Coastal Women’s Healthcare is offering gynecologic and obstetric care, bone density, mammography, and a small amount of invasive surgery to women located in Scarborough, ME. In 2011, eight physician’s, two nurse practitioners, support staff, a midwife, have seen 22,705 patients. The providers in 2011 were also attesting to stage 1 Meaningful use (MU) for Medicare. Coastal Women’s Healthcare are being honored for their achievement and because they are the first independe…

Oculus Rift and Surgeon Training

4 weeks ago

Checkout a company named GIBLIB who recently released the first virtual reality app that lets just about anyone with access to an Oculus headset, to experience what it’s like when serious surgeries are underway. GIBLIB’s content comes from Cedars-Sinai and Stanford Children’s Hospital, so you won’t be seeing boring stuff like hernia repairs.

The app is offered through the Oculus store, and it works with the Oculus Go and Oculus Rift System. While it is certainly available to anyone, medic…

Implementation of Health Portals

4 weeks ago

According to Julia Chen, higher-income individuals (59 percent of those with greater than or equal to $60,000 annual income versus 42 percent of those with less than $60,000 annual income) and those with more education (59 percent of those with some college versus 45 percent of those with high school only) are more likely than their counterparts to set up portal access (Chen, 2018). The case study that follows focuses on this audience in efforts to bridge that gap in understanding on…

FDA Cracking down on Juule vape pen

4 weeks ago

Some dad on my son's soccer team uses a vape pen and it is one of the most ridiculous things to watch a grown man **** a large puff of white smoke into the air while his son runs a couple of miles during practice. I'll be the "stay off my lawn" guy and say ban them all.

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Best Healthcare Stocks

8 months ago

On the flip-side, stay away from Nuvectra (NVTR).

Stryker acquires OrthoSpace for up to $220 million

5 days ago

Stryker ($SYK) announced they are acquiring OrthoSpace for up to $220 million. The all cash deal includes an upfront payment of $110 million and future milestone payments of up to an additional $110 million.

Universal Healthcare is Coming. Sorry Donald Trump

12 months ago

This is the more realistic reason that Healthcare is headed towards a more "universal" model.

USML for International Medical Graduate

1 year ago

I bet this Lyft driver is a better doctor than 30% of the licensed physicians in the U.S.

Some Payments to Docs Don’t Have to be Reported to Sunshine Database

1 year ago

I think you can get a good idea of which physicians take a bunch of money from industry under the current rules and regulations. I don't have the link but it is called open payment data and you can look up any doctor to see what they were paid in the last two years.

FDA approves expanded use for Abbott's MitraClip

6 days ago

Originally approved in 2013 for patients with mitral valve abnormalities who are not suitable for mitral valve surgery, Abbott's MitraClip was given the FDA ok for expanded use today.

The FDA Doesn't Protect Patients

2 years ago

Besides injuries or deaths related to their products, device makers will have more time before they are required to report if their devices are not working properly.

My question is why would a device manufacturer feel this is the right thing to do? If a device malfunctions, a MAUDE report needs to be filed. This rule would allow these companies to pass on filing a very important safety protocol.

Of all the things manufacturers could have focused on, this appears to be a mistake that could create…

F.D.A. Deal Would Relax Rules on Reporting Medical Device Problems

The makers of cardiac defibrillators, insulin pumps, breast implants and other devices will be able to delay the reporting of malfunctions under an agreement headed to Congress.