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How is Rising Number of Cancer Cases Driving Gene Therapy Market?

6 days ago

The burden of chronic diseases has only been increasing since past few years. The cases for cancer, for example, are growing rapidly. According to the American Cancer Society, from 2016–2019, the number of new cases of cancer in the U.S. increased from 1,685,210 to 1,762,450, and the cancer mortality rose from 595,690 to 606,880 during the same time period. Doubtless, a number of advancements have been made in the medical industry for developing a proper cure for cancer and other rare chronic…

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What's the Strategy in the U.S. for Neovasc's Reducer?

5 months ago

Neovasc (Nasdaq: NVCN) is a medical device company primarily known for Reducer, which is a minimally invasive device that helps treat patients with refractory angina. The device has been approved in Europe

The U.S. Has The Most Expensive Healthcare System By Far

1 month ago

The healthcare system in the United States is very unique. The government plays fundamental role in designing how the healthcare system works. Transforming this system is the is very complicated taking into consideration the dynamics of the politics and policies that influence our healthcare system. One of the most symbolic steps ever taken to improve the healthcare system here in the United States is the signing into law of the Affordable Care Act by President Obama in 2010. According to Larra…

Patient Portals Case Study

2 months ago

The Institute for Family Health is a network of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) serving over 80,000 patients in New York, New York (Calman MD, 2013). The scope of this case study focuses on the Institute’s experience with being the first community health center in New York City to implement patient portals and the use of electronic health records. The environment where this patient portal was rolled out includes patients who are vulnerable and medically underserved; including undocum…

Is PEMF effective for reducing Cholesterol and BP?

3 months ago

Sentient Element is one of the PEMF devices recommended to reduce Cholesterol and BP. How effective is PEMF Therapy to reduce BP and cholesterol

Limiting Malpractice Claims: How this Affects Physician Practices

4 months ago

Limiting Malpractice Claims: How this Affects Physician Practices

Placing limits on medical malpractice claims would decrease the prescription of health care services such as diagnostics testing procedures because physicians would theoretically face a smaller risk of legal action (CBO, 2016). The overall outcome of these limitations will lower total health care spending; in particular, it will have a positive effect on physician practices as it will lower the malpractice premiums that healthca…

Health options for veterans that will help reduce deficit.

4 months ago

Congress came up with several options for reducing debt. What I did was research this idea and elaborated on it. Please tell me what you think.

Ever since I could remember, Congress has always been coming up with ideas to reduce the deficit of the United States healthcare.Some of these options or ideas that were passed has had its advantages and disadvantages on how it effects certain health care facilities or services.The health option I’ve decided to discuss is ending the enrollment in VA me…

Surgisphere has created a self diagnostic tool for Corona Virus

5 months ago

I am pleased to report that the Surgisphere COVID-19 Response Center ( is now live. This portal, meant for both patients and healthcare professionals, includes two items of interest:
  • COVID-19 Mortality Risk Calculator. This straightforward calculator leverages survival data on over 4,000 COVID-19 patients to calculate the risk of mortality based off age and various comorbidities.
  • COVID-19 Diagnosis Decision Support Tool. This machine learning-powe…


5 months ago

The downfall of prevented medicine here .....pros and cons

5 months ago

nobody understand ....for real that the implementation is not only about ...exist the human resources deficit to have a real implementation ....that need to focus in the change about the education and monetary system in the medical field .......and many people ,institutions and universities would never allow happne

Printed Organs

5 months ago

Organ transplants has become a huge part of our world today and in the past, some people need organ transplants the help them live. They need these transplants, yet there are so many people who are on a waiting list to receive organs because so many people don’t want to be organ donors when they die. If everyone wanted to be organ donors, then maybe there wouldn’t be so many people on a waiting list to get organs. Organ printing is the printing of organs such as hearts and kidney…