Dental Reps General Discussion

Is Amazon taking over the dental market?

3 months ago

No, not if you ask me! I've kept a close eye on them for a year or so and all (ok, most) of the major suppliers have cheaper composite, flowable, bond, disposables and cement. The big boys know they have to be competitive or Amazon will take over so I don't see it happening, especially with sales forces that dentists know they can call on when they need something answered.

Should I Take A Dental Implant Sales Job?

3 months ago

I have been offered a Territory Management position for a Dental Implant company but I want to stay in surgical. Do you recommend staying in medical/surgical until someone takes a chance on me or get the TM experience with a dental implant company?

Also, will taking a dental implant job pigeon hole me in dental sales or can I move back into surgical once I get more experience?

Best Recruiters for Dental Sales Positions

3 months ago

Hello, I was wondering if someone would share a couple of the best recruiters who focus on dental sales rep openings? I am currently working in a B2B position and would like to make the transition in the next six months.

It would also be helpful to know what recruiters or companies to stay away from. Thank you!