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ROSA Robot

3 weeks ago

ROSA is growing around the country as the preferred robotic platform for total knees. I know Columbus Regional in the Carolinas just implemented a system and more are in the pike.

Zimmer & Amedica Partnership Inevitable

2 months ago

Sintx aka Amedica is missing all CMS payment data also for last few years. When you lay off half the people you depended on these sort of things happen. Maxim is like a shark in bloody water after they talked with Sonny Bal a few years ago about his companies accounting issues he said was resolved. Per recent SEC submission Sonny Bal still had troubles with the paperwork. Maxim read Sonny like a kids book and played him hard. AKA toxic financing. A real CEO wouldn’t make high school le…

Zimmer ROSA One Brain Application

3 months ago

What a great way to separate ROSA One from the weak competition. The marketing alone for hospitals will be a great revenue driver like da Vinci was for Intuitive Surgical. Hopefully the ZImmer marketing team is working on great patient awareness programs for hospitals and surgeons.

The neurosurgery team at Summit, N.J.-based Overlook Medical Center of Morristown, N.J.-based Atlantic Health System is using the ROSA Brain robot for minimally invasive brain surgery, reports ROI NJ.

Three things to k…

Zimmer Biomet Layoffs

4 months ago

ZB just eliminated 3 higher ups since bone healing division is not doing well financially. Dan Florin is being replaced by a new CFO July 1st for a restructure. Layoffs may start in a couple of months.

Synaptive Medical Expands Availability of Modus V into Spine Market

3 days ago

​Synaptive Medical, a leader in automation and robotics, announced today a strategic commercial expansion into the spinal surgery market. As part of this expansion, Synaptive is also announcing a co-marketing collaboration with Stryker’s Advanced Guidance Technologies business for the company’s robotically controlled digital microscope, Modus V.

Orthopedic Surgeon Receives $4.5 Million in Biomet Kickback Scheme

4 months ago

According to the Wall Street Journal, a former orthopedic surgeon who blew the whistle on Biomet's kickback scheme in Brazil received in excess of $4.5 million for his role in the case.

The SEC reported that a whistleblower payment was made but failed to name the company. However, the WSJ discovered that the company was Zimmer Biomet and they made a $30 million payment in 2017 to settle allegations from before Zimmer acquired Biomet.

Biomet used its Mexican subsidiary to bribe customs officials t…

ZB Kentucky

4 months ago

What once was the "best of the best" has now been turned into a shell of its former self.

RIP ZB Kentucky

Zimmer Biomet Surgical Division

5 months ago

Would a Zimmer Biomet surgical rep be able to provide thoughts on the sales job with the surgical division? Pay, culture and products

Inferior products, underpaid reps who have always over-delivered, toxic culture. If you're going to pay me at 50% of what I was expecting then at least be honest about it.

Zimmer Biomet Supply Issues

6 months ago

Technically they did except the embellishment was near an all time high.

Independent Drug-Pricing Assessment Finds Vascepa Cost-Effective as an Adjunct to Statins in Treating Patients at High Risk of Cardiovascular Events, such as Heart Attack, Stroke and Cardiac Death

3 days ago

Amarin Corporation plc (NASDAQ: AMRN), a pharmaceutical company focused on improving cardiovascular health, today announced that an independent organization that evaluates pricing of prescription drugs has issued its final report assessing the cost-effectiveness of Vascepa (icosapent ethyl) capsules

Zimmer Biomet is a bad place to work

7 months ago

"unexpected supply issues" Hanson keeps saying the same thing! CEO's need to be accountable!!

Zimmer Biomet Recalls

8 months ago

Add Vanguard sizes 31mm and 34mm to the list of recalls the sales team has to deal with on top of everything else going on.

Warsaw North FDA Inspections

8 months ago

Hanson asked the FDA to stop by his glorious mansion in Connecticut for a cup of tea, thinking that would be sufficient for a re-inspection. As you know, it would be a tremendous hardship for poor Hanson to travel halfway across the solar system from Connecticut to Indiana.

Free Rosa's for everyone

8 months ago

Look what Intuitive Surgical did when they introduced da Vinci. Both Stryker and Zimmer are pitching hospitals the same way with the robots being great marketing tools to capture more patients.