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Bausch Health is still Valeant

4 months ago

The name change still cracks me up. Will consumers and investors forget the past?

Who has watched Netflix's 'Dirty Money'

5 months ago

No one that matters (consumers) will remember that Bausch used to be Valeant in 2-3 years. Genius move.

What's it like having Valeant on your resume?

9 months ago

Those were the days. I was getting sick bonuses close to 50k. Now? IDK, maybe 5k last year...


11 months ago

Grow derm sales team by 25% and then get a CRL for Duobrii, one of the "significant seven," apparently the seven drugs that are going to turn around Valeant. Don't bother with the fact that combined all of those drugs bring in less than $100 million in revenue. But they will generate over $1 billion within 5 years.

Oh boy! I've heard that before!!!

Papa's response -

"We are working to resolve this matter expeditiously and have already requested a meeting with the FDA," Valeant CEO Joseph Papa sai…

Valeant turnaround won't work but layoffs will

11 months ago

Someone has to take responsibility for my $$$$-ups!!!


Time for Old man to leave

1 year ago

Isn't Thurman buddies with Calvert? Tough to see Thurman letting him go.

Top 10 Valeant products by revenue

1 year ago

You know there's a problem with your company when Wellbutrin is one of your best selling products.

It was approved in 1985!!!


1 year ago

Going along with the Valeant strategy, maybe they pick up Cosmo?

Medtechy Deals: You Need this Car Jump Starter Kit

2 weeks ago

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Valeant Layoffs

1 year ago

And that same hedge fund run by Bill Ackman just had layoffs, probably because of his failures with Valeant. My favorite was that he had to let his personal driver go.

OraPharma Account Manager

2 years ago

A position in Cedar Rapids came open and it sounds like a decent job but I do want to see if I can get more info about the position and the company.

Most important is if customers have a negative opinion of the company because of the Valeant attachment? Or do most of them not even know Valeant is the parent company?

Other than that is the culture a good one with good benefits?

I was told the job is 95k with a car. Is this what others are making?

Thank you to anyone for the help.