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What's next for TransEnterix?

4 days ago

TRXC submitted a 510(k) for something called an Intelligent Surgical Unit (ISUTM) and it's designed to "enable machine vision capabilities" on the Senhance Surgical System, whatever that means.

TransEnterix President and CEO, Anthony Fernando, said, "TransEnterix is the first company to seek FDA clearance for machine vision technology in abdominal robotic surgery. Rather than simply passing a video signal to the surgeon, the Intelligent Surgical Unit for Senhance will initially have the ability …

Will TransEnterix get Acquired?

3 weeks ago

No sales and no technology that is much different from the competition, or from products that will be on the market in a year. Plus companies like Intuitive Surgical have on-site techs who can fix issues with systems. I doubt TransEnterix can offer that so why even bother if you are a hospital system.

TransEnterix Senhance robotic sales in U.S.

2 months ago

Last quarter they only sold one system again and it was outside the US like all the other ones. This will turn into an asset sale soon.

TRXC Stock

4 months ago

.75 cents and going to 0....

Time to hire more sales reps

5 months ago

15 sales reps to compete against Intuitive is a absolute joke.

Amarin gets boost from AstraZeneca and Acasti's study failures

6 days ago

After fake news attacks, and constant attacks by short sellers, Amarin investors finally woke up to some great news on Monday morning as AstraZeneca​ and Acasti Pharma​​ both announced surprisingly disappointing study results for their fish oil products

Senhance Sales 2018 and 2019

8 months ago

And now only 48M left in the bank, which is just enough capital to get them through 2020....

Senhance Having Quality Issues

9 months ago

It shouldn't be hard to figure out but I'll give ya a freebie: Florida Hospital

White Diamond Research

10 months ago

The only thing that is Junk is White Diamond's slander of a good up and coming company. Is a half truth still a Lie? Shorts like to feed just enough truth that they can convince... but in the end its still nothing more than a lie. This company is slowly making a lot of first in the industry. They are selling systems in the US and across the world. This small company is making sound changes in the market. The market has been dominated by one company for a long time... of course it will take time …

TransEnterix Senhance Sold at Pascack Valley Medical Center

10 months ago

sure. and what's the "discount" price relative to the "real" price? why not post the info from the 10K to back up your statement?

TRXC Insider Selling

11 months ago

Slattery looks like a genius after that quarterly performance.