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4WEB Medical

1 year ago

Any feedback on how market testing of 4WEB products went in certain territories around the country? I assume the Texas territories were test selling but not confirmed.

Intermountain Healthcare to let its doctors recommend medical marijuana

3 days ago

After the Utah Medical Cannabis Act passed in December, Intermountain Healthcare reached out to a number of people, including patients, advocates, physicians, nurses, and pharmacists in an effort to understand how to implement care for those patients with a qualifying condition as defined by the Utah Medical Cannabis Act.

12.5, 11, 9, ?

1 year ago

What is the next commission number they'll pull out of their backside?

The Slow Death of Synthes

6 months ago

No wonder all the top talent is leaving.

But maybe they don't care about lowered commissions and a reduced headcount. Not sure how else you would explain being totally cool with reduced sales from the division.