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Our Credo

2 months ago

Seriously - does any sales rep at DS actually believe JNJ cares about them and/or adheres to "The Credo?" JNJ couldn't care less about their medical device business so why should we care about this nonsensical document that no one adheres to?

Layoffs Reported at Medtronic's Heartware Location

1 day ago

Earlier today, there were reports on our Medtronic forums of layoffs at the Medtronic's Heartware location. According to the Heartware website, their corporate office is located in Framingham, MA with operations, manufacturing and distribution centers in Miami Lakes, FL and Arden Hills, MN. We have reached out to Medtronic for comment.

The Slow Death of Synthes

2 months ago

Wouldn't you leave a company growing at 0% in spine....literally 0%. You would be a fool to sit back and not look around unless comp was so good that you were handcuffed. Anyone feeling handcuffed at their rates????

Let JNJ Ruin Globus Too

2 months ago

I would love to see JNJ acquire Globus for a number of reasons, but mostly because then we don't have to compete with them anymore. The negative is JNJ would end up ruining Globus just like they ruined Synthes. Those Globus reps aren't dumb, especially the ones who came from here and are familiar with the DS merger.

The Synthes Comp Plan 12.5, 11, 9, ?

2 months ago

And to think they were 12.5 a couple of years ago makes me need a double dose of Lexapro tonight.

Boston Scientific Gets FDA Nod for LOTUS Edge Aortic Valve System

1 day ago

Boston Scientific received FDA approval for their LOTUS Edge Aortic Valve System, which is a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) used for patients with severe aortic stenosis who are considered at high risk for surgical valve replacement via open heart surgery.

4WEB Medical

1 year ago

Any feedback on how market testing of 4WEB products went in certain territories around the country? I assume the Texas territories were test selling but not confirmed.