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5 years ago

I haven't met the hiring manager so can't help you there. Been here 6-12 months and going ok. Obviously competition but expect to make 150-175 this year.

Comp Structure

5 years ago

Nothing like breaking into the business on 100% commission. Grass can't grow under your feet that way. I started that way and wouldn't change it.


5 years ago

Decent opportunity to make cash away from the commodity rat race.

Good Culture?

5 years ago

I'm sure it is like any other company in device; If you are a tenured rep, you are probably pissed that comp is trending down. Even if it hasn't started, it is in process of happening everywhere. If you are younger, single and this is a step up from what you are doing, run as fast as you can to sign the offer letter. Stryker is a great company. One of the better in device. Just don't expect to make 300+ down the road. Those numbers, in general, are gone.

Oh...and like your hiring manager. Don'…


5 years ago

Congrats. Great spot to be.

Small Bone Innovations

5 years ago

Only people who score an A on the Gallup are allowed in the door. Thanks for playing C players. C ya next time!!!

Stryker Steroid Test

5 years ago

Yo Bro, what territory you interviewing for? Maybe we can go throw weights around sometime? I've been trying for years to get those popcorn looking biceps and I could use some pointers.

Sir, Yes Sir!

5 years ago

I hope this was on the weekend. You meatheads have to work for that 6%.


Apple unveils new health features in iOS 13

2 weeks ago

Yesterday, at Apple's Apple's annual WWDC developer conference, the company unveiled iOS13 their new mobile operating system. As expected, there were several health related features added to the latest software update, including iPhone and Apple Watch users now being able to monitor hearing health over time and menstrual cycles and symptoms.

Q3 Earnings

5 years ago

Who cares about our earnings? Unless we completely **** the bed, overall earnings barely affect our jobs. Post something about our competition or management.

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Reports of Layoffs at Ascension Wisconsin

2 weeks ago

There have been rumors on our Ascension Health forum​ that layoffs were on the horizon, and this morning we received an anonymous tip sharing that 300-499 layoffs are being announced at Ascension Wisconsin.


5 years ago

Can someone let me know what a typical day is like for an ASR? Is there an average timeframe that one stays in this role before being promoted to a full-line rep?