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Stryker Neuro Spine ENT

2 years ago

There's a sales opening in Dallas. Is this an expansion or did the old rep leave? Thoughts on this division?

Stryker Ortho Training

2 years ago

I'm interviewing for Stryker Ortho and I've heard mixed reviews on the training program. I guess the old training program was top notch and some of those trainers left or they moved them out of the program.

Coming from a distributor with awful training one of the benefits of Stryker is the training I would expect to receive. Can anyone comment on the most recent training classes and how well they were received?


2 years ago

Be sure to put a rookie at the cutting station.

Stryker Non-Compete Agreement

2 years ago

Not once have I heard a rep getting away with not signing one.

Stryker work culture

2 years ago

Is the culture at Stryker as cutthroat as people on these sites make it out to be?

I'm happy to be pushed by a manager if I am being developed but if the culture is way over the top I'm not convinced it is worth it.

I would appreciate any insight. A territory just opened up and I love the products Stryker makes. However, I want to ensure I'm a fit too.

Stryker HCA Contracts

2 years ago

How many concessions did you give to get those deals with HCA?

Stryker Acquiring Wright Medical

2 years ago

I also heard Depuy is trying to buy Wright. Would be a good get for them.

Stryker Sport Medicine sales rep

2 years ago

I am also interviewing in Sports Medicine on the east coast. Can I get feedback on the manager in VA and any hints on how to be successful in the division?

Stryker Endoscopy ProCare Specialist

2 years ago

Hello, would someone let me know what this division is like to work in and what managers would be the best to work for and the ones to watch out for?

Mako Total Knee Replacement

2 years ago

Don't be so naive. Lobo's been talking about Mako on all the conference calls and we're spending the entire year prepping for a huge launch. Mako is on track.