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Cafepharma hates competition

2 years ago

Notice anything fishy about these threads? Cafepharma moderators copied exact threads from this site and have been responding to them.

Stryker Layoffs

2 years ago

Administrative layoffs that didn't affect the bottom line. Sorry.

Stryker Sports Medicine Sales Rep

2 years ago

Is the Springfield, MO position open to promotion or the rep left? I am interviewing and trying to get some insight. I believe you are on call for this job and I would like to get a better idea how that works. Is it every week or do you take turns with others on your team?

Stryker LFIT Femoral Head Issues

2 years ago

There isn't much marketing and corporate can do about this any longer. In January there was a motion to move all current and future cases to Massachusetts. These lawyers want to take Stryker down for failing to ackowledge femoral head issues. I actually thought better of Stryker but apparently they've turned into JNJ.

Stryker ProCare Specialst Review

2 years ago

I have an upcoming interview for the Pro Care Specialist in Colorado and I was hoping for an honest review of the job and manager in Colorado.

I'm 2 years out of school and have been working at a distributor as a junior rep. The recruiter said the Pro Care job is a good stepping stone to a account manager job but I've read that may not be possible.

Anyone share honest review on the job, manager and upward mobility?

Stryker --Here is a better board!

2 years ago

Someone new to Stryker just posted on LinkedIn that they are "so relieved" to finally get the job at Stryker after a 6 month hiring process...and this is an ENTRY LEVEL position ! That is Nothing to be proud of. Stryker HR folks are constantly wondering, out loud, why it is so hard to get good engineers in certain positions in MI.....wake up ! You lose any sensible human being with your ridiculous hiring wait time.

Stryker Trauma Sales Associate

2 years ago

I am currently selling copiers and my recruiter called about a job with the Stryker trauma division. I've been trying to get in the industry for around 6 months and Stryker seems like the company for me based on talking to recruiters.

Can I possibly get someone to walk me through a couple of interview tips and even what the Trauma division is like? I'm super excited for this opportunity and don't want to screw it up.