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Stryker Instruments

2 years ago

Do all Stryker reps like docking or is it just the instrument reps?

Best Stryker Division

2 years ago

Janitorial division, cleaning the toilets.

Why? Because it's easy, & you already know what to expect, as opposed to the rest of the divisions in that pathetic company

Stryker Non-Compete Law Applied Correctly in Ex-Sales Rep Appeal

2 years ago

This guy needs to pull his head out of his ***. So he owes Stryker almost $800,000 and he filed for bankruptcy? Maybe he needs to close up shop and stop fighting it. His lawyers can't be cheap and his bills keep racking up. Stryker will bleed him dry if he doesn't wake up.

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Stryker Foot & Ankle

2 years ago

Is this the compensation for an associate position or full sales rep?

I just had a video interview for the Tampa opening and am waiting to hear back. Any information on the Tampa team/manager? Thoughts on the associate job with the Foot & Ankle division?

Initial interview

2 years ago

If it was a Stryker recruiter and the position was one where they were trying to fill an open territory, I would expect you are out of the running for that particular job.

However, I would definitely reach out to the Stryker recruiter you worked with and basically say you know you did not make it for this job but you would like to get some feedback so you can improve your interviewing skills and potentially be in position for a job with Stryker down the line. You have nothing to lose at this poi…

Cafepharma hates competition

2 years ago

Notice anything fishy about these threads? Cafepharma moderators copied exact threads from this site and have been responding to them.

Stryker Layoffs

2 years ago

Administrative layoffs that didn't affect the bottom line. Sorry.

Stryker Sports Medicine Sales Rep

2 years ago

Is the Springfield, MO position open to promotion or the rep left? I am interviewing and trying to get some insight. I believe you are on call for this job and I would like to get a better idea how that works. Is it every week or do you take turns with others on your team?