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Stryker Layoffs

12 months ago

The $800 million can be paid back over eight years so it isn't as bad as you're making it out to be. Anyone involved with Mako is fine. My bet is they focus on some of the newer companies that were just acquired because the growth in all of the other divisions is ahead of the rest of the med device industry.

Joint Replacement Sales Rep

1 year ago

Good info but what about commission plan as a joint rep? Still 100%. I'm asking because supposedly Stryker pays for mileage reimbursement for the VA territory I am looking at. This could be because the travel in the territory is extensive but not sure. Could I get the updated comp structure in joint?

Stryker Hiring Process

1 year ago

Would someone please explain how the Stryker commission plan works? And are all the divisions the same or do they differ?

Do you even lift bro?

1 year ago

I think "do you even lift bro" is taught in the Stryker sales training. It is the only value they bring to their customers. Heck, they even name their products, Triathlon, because they can't get their minds off of working out.

Stryker got fleeced

1 year ago

As much as I lay blame with Tom and Rick for their lack of transparency and the fact that their silence was all tied to the money they'll get when this is all said and done, Paul Glynn, Brent Ladd and their cronies are as much to blame. They made us sign non-competes and then intentionally delayed the decision on jobs so they could get as much out of the Novadaq team as possible.

Merry Christmas assholes! Hope you all get a stocking full of ****.

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Stryker Orthopedics

1 year ago

Would this be a good division to start with if you are coming from a B to B background? There is a sales rep position open in Jonesboro Arkansas and they are offering a 60k salary with 15k in commission, all guaranteed for the first year. Not exactly what I was looking for but they did say tenured reps are making twice that.

Could I get the good, bad and ugly on the division?


1 year ago

level 1 evidence is the biggest selling point.

Stryker Accolade II Problems

1 year ago

glad to see mr vivian mason from Stryker retire he should have held his surgical

reps more accountable

Congratulations On Your Knee Business Stryker

1 year ago

Zimmer makes a good product but they can't figure out how to make it on time. You probably only got the business because the rep can't get product for cases.

NASS 2017

1 year ago

All the docs were at our booth.


Where is Stryker heading?

1 year ago

Let's hope they work out better than Physio-Control and Sage.