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Stryker South Florida

10 months ago

jack c Jieafa from stryker owned a company with paid consultant surgeon dr Richard l levitt

Michael mogul (John browns) nephew also owned a company with Stryker jack jieafa and surgeon dr Richard Levitt

Totally unethical and fraudulent

Stryker still going after bankrupt ex-rep

10 months ago

It does look like his new business is doing very well. I didn't know him at Stryker and I don't think anyone would argue he made mistakes based on reading this stuff. People deserve second chances though. If he treats people well now and isn't being shady with the money they are making then let him be. I read he is bankrupt because of this. His company has to do well to get back on his feet.

Novadaq should be thankful for Stryker

11 months ago

Talk to Olivia Cream and any number of former Novadaq reps/managers. I'm one of them that had our deal intentionally blocked by the local manger, rep and Area Director. HR was made aware of it and we have the emails and texts to prove it happened. Of course you all won't hear about it because they would never want that exposed. They have mishandled the acquisition and transition so poorly and details like this only add to it.

Stryker Hip Implant Failures

12 months ago

But all companies have these problems so it doesn't matter to Mahwah

Mako Product Specialist

1 year ago

Hello...there are a couple of Mako Product Specialist jobs I'm looking at in Tennessee and I'm trying to get some insight on the job. I have comp info from the recruiter. I mainly want to know how the product is selling and what customers think of it? Anything that would be helpful in an interview would be helpful. Thank you!


1 year ago

The name SpineJack is so fitting for a product that Stryker would sell.

Joint Replacement Sales Rep

1 year ago

Good info but what about commission plan as a joint rep? Still 100%. I'm asking because supposedly Stryker pays for mileage reimbursement for the VA territory I am looking at. This could be because the travel in the territory is extensive but not sure. Could I get the updated comp structure in joint?

Stryker Hiring Process

1 year ago

Would someone please explain how the Stryker commission plan works? And are all the divisions the same or do they differ?

Do you even lift bro?

1 year ago

I think "do you even lift bro" is taught in the Stryker sales training. It is the only value they bring to their customers. Heck, they even name their products, Triathlon, because they can't get their minds off of working out.

Stryker got fleeced

1 year ago

As much as I lay blame with Tom and Rick for their lack of transparency and the fact that their silence was all tied to the money they'll get when this is all said and done, Paul Glynn, Brent Ladd and their cronies are as much to blame. They made us sign non-competes and then intentionally delayed the decision on jobs so they could get as much out of the Novadaq team as possible.

Merry Christmas assholes! Hope you all get a stocking full of ****.

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