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Stryker Rep Shot by Surgeon

2 months ago

This is nuts. I hadn't heard this happened. Wonder what division the rep was in?

There's no way this doc is out and practicing, right?

Stryker Navigation Associate

2 months ago

Medtronic's nav quality has gone down over the years. Their size and scope helps them with hospital contracts and pricing power. BrainLab is the best but is also the smallest making it harder for them to compete.

Mako THA and PKA Recall

3 months ago

Look at Medtronic's new Diabetes assistent product. The only way Medtronic could build that was because of their partnership with IBM. Medical Device companies don't have the talent in-house.

Stryker Drug Testing Policy

4 months ago

I do not live in Canada but do live in a state where marijuana is legal and work for Stryker. There have been no official announcements (as expected) in my division about marijuana use. Stryker is a private employer so they can do what they want. This isn't right in my opinion but they do it anyway. Stryker and other companies are going to have to get their head out of the sand soon or there will be lawsuits if marijuana use is used as a reason for firings. The other issue is that hospitals stil…

Layoffs at Stryker

4 months ago

It has been announced that Stryker is outsourcing A/R department to Costa Rica and will be completed by the end of 2019.

Stryker Acquisitions

4 months ago

Stryker's smallest group of divisions is in Neurotech & Spine so an SCS move would make sense. The company's lowest market share also falls in Neurotech & Spine. I'm sure Spencer Stiles is pushing for a move like this.

Is it all the hype

4 months ago

Dude if you aren't in the industry but could get in with Stryker then you need to take it. Trust me, best decision I made. The company and division is great. The only thing I would say is make sure you gel with the hiring manager. Otherwise, you will be happy and set.


5 months ago

Sales. The bottom 20% of territories will be realigned, across the organization

Stryker Surgical Interview

5 months ago

I'm actually curious what they are quoting you in this position?

Doc Office Lunch/Breakfast Ideas

5 months ago

In all honesty, there is no one in my division doing lunches like this unless you're a clinical and even then its few and far between. For one, the lunch comes out of your budget so I would hope you could find better ways to get in front of customers.

Stryker Gallup Interview and Questions

5 months ago

Can anyone please let me know how soon you typically hear back from Stryker after taking the Gallup test?

Jack Jieafa Stryker South Florida

6 months ago

really you hide behind your words. I am not afraid to post my name sandra witt

The surgeons name dr Richard Levitt

The Stryker rep jack jieafa his wife Kimberley Briggs Jieafa also owned a company with him dutch orthopedic implants and djo global