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FDA Warns Stryker About Off-label Use with Wingspan Stent System

2 months ago

Finally the FDA cracking down on the un-approved use of medical devices with them warning about using Stryker's Wingspan Stent System leads to an increased risk of stroke or death when used outside of approved indications. The device was first approved in 2005 under a Humanitarian Device Exemption. In 2012, the advocacy group Public Citizen petitioned FDA to withdraw approval for the stent system that is designed to prevent recurrent strokes in patients who have already had one stroke. The group…

Stryker Endoscopy

2 months ago

Ladd is a decent guy like most endo guys but is absolutely miles away from AP and BE. I hope he does well but will be surprised

Stryker Drug Testing Policy

2 months ago

Robbie when your day is done (at 11:30 AM) and you want to ride on.......COCAINE! Maybe at Acclarent but not here.

Listen up: About that company car email

2 months ago

You may get to run it like it's your business, but it's not. It's Stryker's. They can cut your commissions or territory any time.

And they do...

What happened to The Spine Blogger?

3 months ago

Medtronic with their Mazor acquisition shows they’re actually trying in spine.

Stryker Mako Marketing Success

3 months ago

Fresh lawsuits coming for Mako because of baseplate fractures....cases are all over Maude. How's that for patient awareness?

Stryker Reps and AirPods

4 months ago

Black AirPods are coming out in April...every Stryker rep's head just 'sploded.

Stryker Phone & Video Interview Tips

5 months ago

Could one of you on this board give any tips that could be useful for the video and phone interview with Stryker?

I have mine scheduled for next week. The Gallup went fine and moving on to the next stage. The video interview is more concerning to me than the phone interview. Any good tips and advice would be great!

Stryker Rep Shot by Surgeon

5 months ago

This is nuts. I hadn't heard this happened. Wonder what division the rep was in?

There's no way this doc is out and practicing, right?