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Non Compete

1 year ago

One of the few positives of working for Patterson.

When will Patterson be broken up?

1 year ago

There are so many rumors at Patterson. Just change the name already. Unbelievable.

Patterson Dental news

1 year ago

This sums up the Patterson Dental Culture

1 year ago

All of St. Paul is scared about layoffs so they complain to whoever will listen. Animal Health is the safest place to be right now.

Stanford Medicine Presents Results of Apple Heart Study

4 days ago

Apple recently announced the results of the Apple Heart Study, which was led by physicians at Stanford Medicine. The study enrolled over 400,000 participants in an effort to evaluate Apple Watch's irregular rhythm notification.


11 months ago

Does DM think it is a weird time to launch Fuse when we can't even get our ERP platform to work? How are customers supposed to believe we can come up with a practice management system if we can't even get our internal one to work?

What is Mark Zuckerberg's number one hiring rule?

5 days ago

Building a culture at a startup, large organization or even a small sales team needs to be handled with care and thoughtfulness. Hiring one bad apple could impact how your company performs and gains traction in the market.

Patterson Dental Layoffs

6 months ago

i was lay off by the reason " company have different direction"..Which direction?

North korea?

General Managers

6 months ago

Maybe there wouldn't be such bad margin and pricing issues if there weren't so many GM's at Patterson.

Patterson Blew A Fuse

6 months ago

Start by investing in more support. Hold times are off the charts bad.

Nevro Appoints New CEO After Rami Elghandour Steps Down

5 days ago

With their stock down over 94% in the last year, Nevro finally pulled the trigger and made a change at the top with Rami Elghandour stepping down and being replaced with D. Keith Grossman who will be appointed as Nevro's CEO and a member of the Board of Directors.

Patterson, Benco Dental and Henry Schein Sued by the Feds for Denying Discounts

5 months ago

While management doesn't care one bit, our customers are pissed about this and tens of thousands of dentists are going to share in the $80 million legal settlement. Who really gets hurt here? Rich execs and dentists or sales reps who live month to month?

Patterson Dental and Amazon Partnership

5 months ago

Interesting anecdotal survey from this dentist:

Patterson CEO pay is too much

2 months ago

I noticed Walchirk just brought in a YES man to run the Dental business unit. Any opinions and/or anyone know the guy?

New Dental President

2 months ago

Walchirk sounds excited but that's because he can control the guy. Anyone know Eric Shirley, the new President?

“After completing a thorough search, Eric was the clear choice to lead Patterson Dental into the future,” said Mark Walchirk, President and CEO of Patterson Companies. “His track record in the dental industry, combined with his leadership experience and ability to drive performance, made him an ideal candidate for this critical role at Patterson.”

What can change if the Walchirk …

Stock Price

2 months ago

I forgot to mention they aren't doing the lifers any favors by promoting Rogan.