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Intermountain Healthcare to let its doctors recommend medical marijuana

3 days ago

After the Utah Medical Cannabis Act passed in December, Intermountain Healthcare reached out to a number of people, including patients, advocates, physicians, nurses, and pharmacists in an effort to understand how to implement care for those patients with a qualifying condition as defined by the Utah Medical Cannabis Act.

Medivis Launches AR Technology Platform for Surgical Applications

4 days ago

Medivis, a medical imaging and visualization company for surgical applications, has officially unveiled "SurgicalAR," its augmented reality (AR) technology platform for surgical applications that leverages Microsoft HoloLens technology to improve surgical precision and operator confidence while ensuring patient safety.

Cancer Spinout

8 months ago

is palmetto Medicare paying for Rezum

Rezum EAU Data

11 months ago

They didn't though. It's a big enough market for both companies and you can argue that Boston Scientific got NxThera on the cheap. They will grow this market big time with their urology sales team.

NxThera News

12 months ago

Mayo Clinic Radio

Steam Treatment for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia with Dr. Tobias Kohler


2 years ago

At Spirox not nxthera