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Hanchin Out

1 day ago

top reps are jumping ship as well. It’s a lost cause

Algovita Revenue

3 days ago

nuvectra filed to sell up to $100 million in stock (additional) in stages. The filing has a poison pill provision to prevent someone from acquiring a controlling interest without the board agreeing to it. Pretty standard stuff...

Looks like they filled to pull the trigger on selling $25 million in stock. For those of you holding shares, your ownership is about to be diluted but that's the price of solvency when you sell more Shares than product…

Nuvectra Files Regulatory Submission for Algovita Full-Body MR-Conditional Approval

1 month ago

Not OP but I compiled this after their press release said they had 0% lead fractures. Maybe that's meant to be leads that are permanent implanted that there's no attempt to re-position or move.

14 Fractures in 2018 (below) and 10ish in 2017 that made it into MAUDE. I think they said they did 3000 patients at some point towards the end of 2018. So reported fracture rate of around 1%. Who knows how many are unreported. Not zero but doesn't seem too bad.

P130028S023 approved 05/31/2019


Sales VP

2 months ago

Who cares? The company needs R&D to succeed in fixing and replacing the peripherals and gaining MRI approvals. Nothing matters before then... not sales, not Virtis, nothing.

CFO Gone

2 months ago

hopefully they didn’t get paid in stock...

Drees and Holstine Are The Problem

2 months ago

Flow seems to have F'd up a lot of people before sending them on their way to their next company lol

Virtis Submission

2 months ago

Virtis was the best hope to save this company. Now that Virtis will be third to market and up against a superior system that matches/exceeds its main advantages relative to Interstim, it's going to be a hard row to hoe. Even if you subtract out the R&D spend, the current levels of sales can't sustain the SG&A cost. Sales and revenue fell Q1 compared to Q4 as did gross profit. Unless there's an imminent follow-up coming for the SCS family or some other revenue stream it's already game over. Stock…

head only mri approval

5 months ago

from the Q4 2018 earnings call, sounds like they're planning on a clinical study to get full body in the US.

Dave Turkaly -- JMP Securities -- Analyst

No, and that's great to hear. I wasn't making the assumption, I just wanted to clarify that, that was the case. And then I guess as a follow-up, you talked about the HiFi study and some of the other modalities, you're going to test it, is it your intend to run you to them separately until completion or is there a chance that you kind of start …

Virtis Sacral Neuromodulation System

5 months ago

submission gets delayed and then a few days later he’s gone without any meaningful explanation. drees was fired

increase in product improvement cadence

6 months ago

NF's a sales director. A sales directorisn't going to fix any product problem no matter how capable (and good-looking) they are.