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New CEO Fred Parks

6 days ago

Hopefully he can pull it off. The scs device has been on the market (including Europe) where the second version should be well on its way to submission.

Still nothing on Virtis? what gives there

A Fresh Start

3 weeks ago

So far, Fred has done a nice job working to get input from the sales team which is so much better than what we've seen in the past.

I'd like to say it's a good start so far for Fred and I'm excited to see what ideas he actually implements.

head only mri approval

3 weeks ago

from the Q4 2018 earnings call, sounds like they're planning on a clinical study to get full body in the US.

Dave Turkaly -- JMP Securities -- Analyst

No, and that's great to hear. I wasn't making the assumption, I just wanted to clarify that, that was the case. And then I guess as a follow-up, you talked about the HiFi study and some of the other modalities, you're going to test it, is it your intend to run you to them separately until completion or is there a chance that you kind of start …

Virtis Sacral Neuromodulation System

1 month ago

submission gets delayed and then a few days later he’s gone without any meaningful explanation. drees was fired

increase in product improvement cadence

2 months ago

NF's a sales director. A sales directorisn't going to fix any product problem no matter how capable (and good-looking) they are.

Stanford Medicine Presents Results of Apple Heart Study

4 days ago

Apple recently announced the results of the Apple Heart Study, which was led by physicians at Stanford Medicine. The study enrolled over 400,000 participants in an effort to evaluate Apple Watch's irregular rhythm notification.

What is Mark Zuckerberg's number one hiring rule?

5 days ago

Building a culture at a startup, large organization or even a small sales team needs to be handled with care and thoughtfulness. Hiring one bad apple could impact how your company performs and gains traction in the market.

You're all wrong

5 months ago

accusation is baseless. is not balding, already bald

Nuvectra reps on non-competes?

6 months ago

That's 15 of 50 for those of you that are currently nuvectra sales tep

Nuvectra Trifecta

6 months ago

bs. what patient doesn't understand a surgery and chance of success before getting it done? if you don't know what you are signing up for that's on you. FAKE NEWS

Nevro Appoints New CEO After Rami Elghandour Steps Down

6 days ago

With their stock down over 94% in the last year, Nevro finally pulled the trigger and made a change at the top with Rami Elghandour stepping down and being replaced with D. Keith Grossman who will be appointed as Nevro's CEO and a member of the Board of Directors.

Is Nuvectra stock a good buy?

6 months ago

The last time they did this (February 5th-ish), it had no significant effect on the stock price. The investors that bought in at roughly $9 a share or made a decision to hold on to their stock at $9 a share are probably pretty happy with their choice.

They probably need all that money to build up inventory in anticipation of a Virtis launch given that their SCS business isn't generating enough revenue to sustain current operations and build the launch inventory. Nuvectra pays Integer for each d…

How is Scott Holstine's leadership style?

7 months ago

The Board are clueless and Scott, Paul and Scott are snake-oil salesman that gave them fooled. Let them **** it up

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