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Nuvectra Market Adoption

2 days ago

ignore that this is mostly a trial issue occurring during a procedure. 3000 permanent implant patients by end of 2018, 1000 patients by end of 2017... so 2000 patients in 2018... Less than 1% of patients are affected by this issue... at least 4 leads per patient (2 trial and 2 permanent minimum)... lead fracture rate is less than 0.25%. So who cares?

It's not like these are breaking off in their brain or heart

What's Next for TransEnterix after Senhance's FDA Clearance

1 year ago

In typical FDA fashion, TransEnterix received their FDA clearance letter late Friday afternoon for their Senhance surgical robot which was very welcomed by investors as the stock jumped 63% in after-hours trading. Senhance is the first new entrant into

increase in product improvement cadence

2 days ago

NF's a sales director. A sales directorisn't going to fix any product problem no matter how capable (and good-looking) they are.

head only mri approval

2 weeks ago

Oh, you rascal you! You and I should have a beer.

Virtis Sacral Neuromodulation System

1 month ago

according to Axonic's CEO during their Q3 conference call, they're not hiring any current Medtronic reps - much less the "best reps"

Mr. Drees, if you are reading, I have a request.

3 months ago

Can you please discuss your plan to handle axonics during the earnings call next week? Would very much like to know if you plan betting them to market and if not, what you will do. axonics filing said they also tried the paper-based pma route in their filing and were met with the same opposition Nuvectra now faces. Does Nuvectra plan clinical trial also? FDA wanted 1 year follow up data from axonics.

Thank you, I will hang up and listen to your response.

Stryker Sues Biomet for Stealing Reps and Corporate Secrets

2 years ago

Stryker (Howmedica Osteonics Corp) takes their non-compete agreements seriously, and on Wednesday, they sued three Biomet affiliates in Texas, claiming they poached Stryker employees involved in the Foot and Ankle business.

You're all wrong

3 months ago

accusation is baseless. is not balding, already bald

Nuvectra reps on non-competes?

4 months ago

That's 15 of 50 for those of you that are currently nuvectra sales tep

Boost sales with a simple 7 step pre-call plan

2 years ago

Pre-call plans are one of the most effective tools a sales rep can use in preparing for a sales call. However, in our experience, sales reps bypass using them unless they happen to be on a field ride with their manager.

Nuvectra Trifecta

4 months ago

bs. what patient doesn't understand a surgery and chance of success before getting it done? if you don't know what you are signing up for that's on you. FAKE NEWS

Is Nuvectra stock a good buy?

4 months ago

The last time they did this (February 5th-ish), it had no significant effect on the stock price. The investors that bought in at roughly $9 a share or made a decision to hold on to their stock at $9 a share are probably pretty happy with their choice.

They probably need all that money to build up inventory in anticipation of a Virtis launch given that their SCS business isn't generating enough revenue to sustain current operations and build the launch inventory. Nuvectra pays Integer for each d…

How is Scott Holstine's leadership style?

4 months ago

The Board are clueless and Scott, Paul and Scott are snake-oil salesman that gave them fooled. Let them **** it up

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4 Tips for Managing a New Medical Sales Territory

2 years ago

A number of sales reps think sales success happens because you can schmooze and are a likable person. There is no doubt those factors can lead to one-off successes, but long-term success in sales in due to strategy and planning.

Marketing good or bad?

5 months ago

There has been substantially less turnover in marketing. If you want to find out who is in Marketing, log into linkedin and search for "Nuvectra marketing." Find the one with the most grandiose title... like Executive Director. Connect with them.