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Nevro IPO

4 years ago

Any reps know why your stock is up 12% today?

Nevro Pass-through Reimbursement for Senza

3 years ago

The RCT data has been huge for reimbursement and labeling. You will start to notice back pain is where the focus will be for the sale team due to the growth opportunity. Honestly if you are making it a focus you won't hit your number.

Nevro VP of Sales and Marketing

3 years ago

He's fine but most of the management team has no idea what they're doing.

Nevro JP Morgan 2016 Presentation

3 years ago

The pass-through was the only thing holding us back last year and now sales have exploded in 2016. HF10 far surpasses anything on the market and all the competitive reps are trying to get on board. Competing with us isn't even fair.

Nevro VP of Sales Selling Shares

3 years ago

The stock is at $96 and the company is crushing it. I bet he's on auto-sale because he has so many shares.

Apple unveils new health features in iOS 13

2 weeks ago

Yesterday, at Apple's Apple's annual WWDC developer conference, the company unveiled iOS13 their new mobile operating system. As expected, there were several health related features added to the latest software update, including iPhone and Apple Watch users now being able to monitor hearing health over time and menstrual cycles and symptoms.

Nevro Management Loves Da PIP

3 years ago

Earnings guidance was raised over 40% this year which means most territories are hitting their numbers. Any other excuses?

Reports of Layoffs at Ascension Wisconsin

2 weeks ago

There have been rumors on our Ascension Health forum​ that layoffs were on the horizon, and this morning we received an anonymous tip sharing that 300-499 layoffs are being announced at Ascension Wisconsin.

Nevro Compensation

3 years ago

What's the pay and comp package like for sales reps at Nevro?