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Nevro SCS Study

2 years ago

Any inside info on the construct of the study? Comparative against competition? Using new products/indications?

I understand the PI is Dr. Bundschu out of Coastal Orthopedics.

Enxing Getting Paid

2 years ago

I think he has closer to 200k so selling 38 is no biggie. I bet he needed some Spring Break money.


2 years ago

Great year blah blah blah. I'm more interested in hearing some good stories from the meeting...

Nevro Compensation

2 years ago

What's the pay and comp package like for sales reps at Nevro?

Nevro Management Loves Da PIP

2 years ago

Earnings guidance was raised over 40% this year which means most territories are hitting their numbers. Any other excuses?

Nevro VP of Sales Selling Shares

3 years ago

The stock is at $96 and the company is crushing it. I bet he's on auto-sale because he has so many shares.

Nevro JP Morgan 2016 Presentation

3 years ago

The pass-through was the only thing holding us back last year and now sales have exploded in 2016. HF10 far surpasses anything on the market and all the competitive reps are trying to get on board. Competing with us isn't even fair.