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BOSTON SCIENTIFIC not a word on SCS on call/ NEVRO rallying

2 years ago

What were you expecting Mahoney to say? Not discussing SCS has nothing to do with Nevro and more to do with their crappy product.

Nevro SCS Study

2 years ago

Any inside info on the construct of the study? Comparative against competition? Using new products/indications?

I understand the PI is Dr. Bundschu out of Coastal Orthopedics.

Enxing Getting Paid

2 years ago

I think he has closer to 200k so selling 38 is no biggie. I bet he needed some Spring Break money.


2 years ago

Great year blah blah blah. I'm more interested in hearing some good stories from the meeting...

Nevro Compensation

3 years ago

What's the pay and comp package like for sales reps at Nevro?

Nevro Management Loves Da PIP

3 years ago

Earnings guidance was raised over 40% this year which means most territories are hitting their numbers. Any other excuses?