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What's the problem, Rami?

1 year ago

Even though gratitude isn't a core value at Nevro, I hope you've shown it to the DSM that paved your way to the front of the pack.

SCS Companies Not Paying

1 year ago

I've heard there are a couple of stim companies that are not paying their reps. I've never heard of such a thing in the medical device industry unless you work for a distributor.

I cannot imaging this is Nevro. What companies are they referring to?

New Nevro IPG

1 year ago

Right?! With the TPT and RCT, all we really need to do is go around and take orders. Sales is easy, just ask Rami

Q3 Call

1 year ago

266 of us out on the street. we're everywhere.

Nevro 2017 Guidance

1 year ago

I just hope that none of the Houston area DSMs needed to do well this quarter to save their jobs