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Losing cases on pricing

8 months ago

Our bad numbers last quarter are because of the ASC business.


9 months ago

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

What do Nevro Sales reps make?

9 months ago

Wait, this posting was about Nevro right? Sounds like another player in the space that we are all too familiar with in terms of their treatment of sales reps

St. Jude BurstDR

9 months ago

You must be new. I don't think anyone who's been around for the last couple of years feels like Rami's been sandbagging quotas to "slow growth".

Nevro on Doctors TV Show

9 months ago

Yes, $23,000 was paid for our story. Thank you Dr's!!!!!

Sure would be nice to get a full body MRI in this situation

9 months ago

Based on the cockiness of the Nevro reps, they should be #1 already. They are worse than the old Intuitive Surgical reps.

Senza II

10 months ago

Wow, Nevro has some class acts in their sales team.

Nevro Therapy Support Specialist

10 months ago

Nevro IS different! Everyone at Nevro is treated with dignity and respect, ESPECIALLY the TSS group. When you get promoted to sales rep, you will get everything you need from leadership to be successful. The quotas are challenging, but are calculated through thoughtful collaboration with managers and reps. If you are fortunate enough to join Nevro, you will not be joining a med device company. You will be part of a technology company that sells a medical device. Like I said before; Nevro I…

Clinical Specialist Interventional Pain & Spine

10 months ago

Hello all,

We are still a relatively new platform but we get great traffic from Neuromodulation companies and reps.

With that said, a great job was posted on our new recruiting platform today. Please feel free to apply or forward to any candidates you think who would be a fit. We do not know the company but wanted to started with the Nevro board as their traffic is very high.

If you think the job should be posted under another company, do not hesitate to let us know.

Thank you all for your help!


Clinical Specialist / Interventional Pain & Spine / No patient contact at Chase MedSearch

Join an organization with a very BIG future! This reports to the Manager of Clinical Resources.  If you were at NANS in Las Vegas this past year...


11 months ago

Nevro still owns S CA. Abbott does pretty well there too and is growing the fastest. Nuvectra has picked up two excellent tenured stim reps so it's only a matter of time before they start kicking it too


11 months ago

All very true, but patients won't get better treatment anytime soon unless the current pain investment thesis changes.

Nevro MAUDE Database Update

11 months ago

Rami's weak link was doing the sales gig himself while trying to fill the Sales VP role. Its over and done and with now and we are ready to move ahead. Nevro is hardly the red headed step child in this race. Senza ll is going leave everyone and everything in it's dust!!!


12 months ago

What negative effects? So what if my blood pressure is 180/90? Totally manageable. Yes, my kids now call me Richard instead of "Dad", but that's a sign of maturity. My hair is falling out, but women find bald men sexy.

Even if there are negative aspects to working at Nevro, it's all worth it when I get to hear Rami speak. Truth be told, I cry with excitement and inspiration every time I hear him say that Nevro is "not a med device company, but a technology company that makes a medical devic…