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Boston Scientific Should Acquire Nevro

11 months ago

Plenty of options for Boston to jump into HF. They already have a good sub-HF system and could easily unveil their 1.5 if the courts allow it. Every other stim player has the same option and could roll out theirs too. Nalu is a new competitor coming into the space and they have a game changing platform that may become a good acquisition target for companies looking to get into wireless with HF capabilities

Nevro swings and misses

1 year ago

The sales team failed to execute Rami's strategy yet again. Very frustrating for those of us that are changing lives and growing the business. Time to reshuffle the deck and get rid of the weak DSMs that are holding the organization back.

Nevro has the best leadership in device and a clinically superior product. If you can't be successful with that, you don't belong here.

Losing cases on pricing

1 year ago

Our bad numbers last quarter are because of the ASC business.


1 year ago

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

What do Nevro Sales reps make?

1 year ago

Wait, this posting was about Nevro right? Sounds like another player in the space that we are all too familiar with in terms of their treatment of sales reps

St. Jude BurstDR

1 year ago

You must be new. I don't think anyone who's been around for the last couple of years feels like Rami's been sandbagging quotas to "slow growth".

Nevro on Doctors TV Show

1 year ago

Yes, $23,000 was paid for our story. Thank you Dr's!!!!!