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NBC Article on Spinal Cord Stimulators Injuring Patients

4 months ago

The article does in fact say patients get better from scs treatment so that's a positive. I wish they would have done a better job at explaining that many patients have to trial multiple systems before they find the one that works the best for them. It's the same as many different medications. Some work better for others. A responsible journalist should know better.

Class Actions

5 months ago

I also remember comparisons of Nevro to Intuitive/Apple/Amazon.

Wall Street used to overlook the cavalier attitude displayed from leadership. Now I believe they have had enough of the BS.

Nevro News

5 months ago

Interesting report. As it turns out, churning through sales people is really expensive. I guess they don't teach that in the Wharton MBA program.

Nevro vs. Stimwave

5 months ago

I'm with BSC and rarely see Stimwave in my territory but have never heard of wrongdoings with the company. Can you elaborate on what you mean?

​How many US stim reps are there?

5 months ago

including clinical support, over a thousand. All reporting into 4 VP of Sales.

Job Opening

5 months ago

You're joking, right? Link? Nevro can't possibly be using a job board to fill their VP of Sales job!?!?!?!

South Texas Reps

5 months ago

Don't worry, there are plenty of opportunities in South Texas to implant devices that patients don't need. It's a way of life down there.

Medtronic Intellis

7 months ago

Intellis is off to a good start driving MDT's SCS biz up close to 30% year on year. Based on Nevro's guidance for the rest of the year, they are growing slower than most of the industry including Boston, Medtronic and Nuvectra. Something, other than a shortage of reps has obviously changed. Fact!

Boston Scientific Should Acquire Nevro

8 months ago

Plenty of options for Boston to jump into HF. They already have a good sub-HF system and could easily unveil their 1.5 if the courts allow it. Every other stim player has the same option and could roll out theirs too. Nalu is a new competitor coming into the space and they have a game changing platform that may become a good acquisition target for companies looking to get into wireless with HF capabilities