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SCS is a scam

3 days ago


New CCO Going Be Another X and Get us Back on Track?

1 week ago

The window for Nevro to be a market leader closed a long time ago. Just another stim company at this point, domatter who is in charge.

Medtronic Intellis

3 weeks ago

Medtronic must not be as high on Intellis as previously thought. They continue to invest in Saluda.

Nevro entering DBS market?

3 weeks ago

Can't wait for self-aggrandizing SCS reps to try and navigate the DBS and the functional neurosurgical world. Bring a helmet because most of you will hit the wall at 90 mph.

Nevro Senza Battery Issues and Explants

4 weeks ago

I get you’re point, except for two reasons. The first one is the most important from a medical standpoint, but it’s trumped by the second. The second deals with the recovery time after the permanent implantation, which is 4-6 weeks on average. I have a daughter who just turned 13 who was born with Downes-Syndrome. She’s a great kid, but I’m a full time mr mom, and there’s absolutely no possibility of having her taken care of for any extended time period. I still have serious hesitation…

Nevro Layoffs

1 month ago

And the stock is still down about 40% from its highest point. Nevro had a chance to turn the SCS market upside down, and Rami botched the execution. Nevro was so busy hiring and firing reps, and trying to get premium pricing for a high-frequency CPT code, that they gave competitors a chance to regroup. Who knows where Nevro would be today if they’d had someone who knew what they were doing running the show.

Financial Manipulation At It’s Best!!

2 months ago

Come on? There is no fraud at Nevro. Mismanagement yes, not listening to sales leaders in the field, yes, arrogance to the detriment of patients, doctors and employees, yes, but nowhere near the level of a Theranos.

Nevro gives Burst

3 months ago

I love your enthusiasm but your so-called supreme leader isn't coming back.

Nuvectra vs. Nevro

4 months ago

It sounds like you really enjoy your job as a sales rep selling spinal cord stimulators.


Nevro Reps Leaving for Axonics

4 months ago

Axonics and their recruiters are picking off Nevro reps at a fast clip. Good move, imo too. Why potentially get fired at Nevro when you can have a fresh start selling exciting technology.