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2019 Outsourcing Info and Layoffs

4 weeks ago

I heard something today about Ohio... a provider called and asked me if I had heard or had any knowledge of Ohio (Mits) only going to be taking Care Source from now on. There have been to may complaints with Molina and the other 3. Everything is starting to make sense. And this was a non par provider.

How to survive at Molina

4 months ago

On point be or not to be

It really doesn’t matter how dedicated and loyal you’ve been to the company. Your either in the “in crowd,” or your out. Individuals are promoted based on looks and or likes, not because they possess the qualities for that specific role. We have lost much talent to these layoffs. Some staff members are in roles they don’t have the qualifications for. On the other hand if you are an overachiever and we’ll organized, they end up dumping more work on yo…

Molina Healthcare Announces Best-in-Class Partners Supporting Payment Integrity Program

5 months ago

“By partnering with best-in-class suppliers to improve our payment integrity operations, Molina will be able to ensure claims are paid correctly, which has many benefits – from reduced fraud, waste, and abuse to significant cost savings that the Company will realize immediately,” said Jim Woys, executive vice president of health plan services. “Improved payment integrity maximizes the Company’s ability to manage claims, reimbursement, and recovery analytics tools to ensure comprehensiv…

The Ruthless Zubretsky

5 months ago

I wonder what came of JZ's trip to OH and TX in January....

Molina Healthcare battling with Molina Family

6 months ago

Does this have anything to do with the appeals and grievances related in Long Beach?

Six figure fines of 217K and 13 incidents.

Molina Going Up For Sale

11 months ago

Now the Milwaukee offices are moving! What is next from this clown car?

Crooks & NDA's

1 year ago

NDA's mean nothing if you're posting online and they don't know who you are.

NM Contract

2 years ago

All staff meeting this morning confirmed Molina MN did not get the contract.