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MiMedx knows they sell unsafe products

8 months ago

Well, well, well. MiMedx has always assured the public that their tissue grafts are safe with no complications for patients. Now a report from Bloomberg tells a different story:

Top officials at the company are aware of at least 50 instances of patient complications that followed treatments with MiMedx’s skin grafts or injections, according to people familiar with the matter and documentation reviewed by Bloomberg News. As of early last year, the company had reported four incidents to regulator…

Parker Petit Please Resign

8 months ago

“We thank our shareholders for their strong support and participation. The overwhelming support the company has received throughout this process is an unmistakable statement by MiMedx’s shareholders that it is time to move beyond the Pete Petit era and to focus again on MiMedx’s business and growth opportunities. With such strong support for our new CEO and board members, we are hopeful that Mr. Petit will stand down from further actions that could distract the company from its mission to …

MiMedx Releases New Corporate Presentation Prior to Annual Meeting

9 months ago

Parker is still trying to getelected to the MiMedx Board so the company had to put out a presentation why that wouldn't be a good idea.

MiMedx Spying to Discredit Whistleblowers

9 months ago

Parker truly has no limits! We all knew but now it has been confirmed.

After uncovering that former executives had spied on employees to discredit whistleblowers, MiMedx Group announced several changes to its board, including the appointment of new CEO Tim Wright, MarketWatch reports.

The MiMedx Payday Advantage

9 months ago

It is insane although reps aren't making that much anymore.

Adios MiMedx, Hello Smith & Nephew and Osiris

11 months ago

The problem Smith & Nephew will have is that customers don't trust anyone in this space any longer because of MiMedx.

MiMedx Account Executive Information

11 months ago

Lastly , the competition is having a field day with Mimedx all over.

Organogenesis is laughing all the way to the bank.

Osiris Lawsuit Against MiMedx

12 months ago

Is this a new lawsuit from Osiris Therapeutics claiming MiMedx owes it at least $6.4 million? Osiris is claiming deceit, trickery and unfair methods. I can’t tell if it’s part of an old lawsuit or a brand new one.

Onconova Therapeutics Stock Flying on Anticipated Data

1 week ago

Onconova Therapeutics' stock (NASDAQ:ONTX) is on a tear in the last week, jumping over 90% on the anticipated company update being presented in February 17 at Noble Capital Markets’ Sixteenth Annual Investor Conference.

L2 Surgical, Next Health and MiMedx

1 year ago

Next Health was a shady pharmacy and they cut a deal with Rimlawi and Nicholson from Forest Park. Next Health agreed to pay the docs for prescribing drugs for their patients using Next Health pharmacies.

Both owners of Next Health have already pleaded guilty to billing private insurance plans more than $450 million and collecting $150 million in fraudulent proceeds.

More kickback schemes will be coming out in the Forest Park Medical Center trial which starts today.

2019 Sales Meeting

1 year ago

For those who are fooled by David Coles, do not get sucked in to his vortex. He could be a great guy but you need to realize that he is a restructuring specialist and not here for the long term. He is looking at the business to figure out what, if anything can be salvaged. The board would have hired a real CEO if they could have found one but no one wants it. Believing he is excited for the future is like believing in Santa. The next round of layoffs will be when the doors close and the assets w…

Intuitive Surgical Acquires Orpheus Medical

1 week ago

Intuitive Surgical (Nasdaq: ISRG) announced they have acquired Orpheus Medical, a company that provides hospitals with information technology connectivity and expertise in processing and archiving surgical video.

What's it like being a sales rep at MiMedx?

1 year ago

now that the stick has been delisted

1.Institutional investors will dry up

2. Internal spending will increase for lawyers and audits

3. Cash flow and profits will decrease

4. Consultant surgeon payments will dry up

5. Funding for new studies and products will decrease

6. Management and Sales reps will leave .