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5 years ago

I have worked at startup device companies and they consistently were the last payor to cover the procedure and devices. When we met with them, it was almost like their mind was made up before our presentation. Who loses here? Their crappy margins or the patient? Patient first my ***.

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Clinical Specialist Position

5 years ago

Stepping stone to what? If you want to advance and do 'more' this isn't the role for you.


5 years ago

Easy to make absolute statements on an anonymous message board. Keyboard genius.

Best meeting ever

5 years ago

I threw up in my mouth walking in. I hate this


5 years ago

I love that we are becoming the Wal-Mart of medical device. The government now has a one-stop shop full of roll-back prices.

This is getting taped to my scrubs tomorrow so everyone knows our new pricing structure.



5 years ago

Adapt? I'm confused. What are sales reps supposed to do to overcome hospitals tightening their belts? It's a reality regardless of Obama. They are just using as an excuse. Maybe we should hold a rally??


New England Opportunity

5 years ago

Sounds about right. Management is pretty terrible though. Not much help from them.

Medtronic acquision of Covidien to save $3.5B to $4.2B in taxes

5 years ago

I'm glad they're focusing on these deals. Next time maybe HR can be straight with us about layoffs. "No one will be affected..." How about the people at corporate. HR is supposed to be honest but they are lying pigs here at MDT.

Bill George

5 years ago

I'm glad he is using his wealth to his advantage while we are stuck paying capital gains on the deal. It would sure be nice to have the wealth to get away from paying.


5 years ago

Yes old timer, around and a market leader.

Medtechy Deals: You Need this Car Jump Starter Kit

2 weeks ago

Today we are excited to announce an exclusive deal on the RavPower's 14,000mAh Car Jump Starter Kit which has all 5-star reviews and could save the day for a sales rep who needs their car to make a living.

Medtronic & COVIDIEN mega merger

5 years ago

Omar is damn smart and he is doing a great job here. Here is a piece about the patient monitoring business, post deal completion. This example can be extrapolated to any other speciality business showing how we can take over the market just by being the biggest. All new growth.

Medtronic CEO targets 40% share of patient monitoring market after Covidien deal's close

Medtronic CEO Omar Ishrak tells employees that its pending combination with Covidien lays the table for taking a 40% share of the patient monitoring market.

Contracting Model

5 years ago

It potentially leaves you without a job. Better get promoted from front line sales fast.

Medtronic/Covidien Post Merger Structure

5 years ago

Such a troll. Sales and marketing will be fine for years. Actually there will be more opportunities.

corporate positions like finance and accounting are a different story.