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Moderator Poll: Medtronic board structural changes

1 year ago

Announcement: **Due to recent requests, we have added a new forum for Medtronic Diabetes**

For our community members from other Medtronic divisions, please feel free to share your thoughts on how you would like the Medtronic forum to grow. We can add new forums for individual Medtronic companies or entire business units.

If you have a suggestion, please click on the 'Companies' drop down box and then the 'Suggest Company' button to add your recommendation.

Thank you all for helping this forum grow…

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Omar and consolidation

1 year ago

That's a pretty broad brush you are using...

I do think there are sales rep positions in all major companies that will be eliminated or downsized in favor of a completely new organizational strategy. However, sales positions like pacers, SCS, CVG will be hard to change with a new strategy that requires less reps. That would be risky and I don't think it would happen. It is more likely that these sales positions selling more commoditized products be eliminated and then decide what to do with other…

Medtronic Presentation at Morgan Stanley Global Healthcare Brokers Conference

1 year ago

well. It's three years later and the former Covidien has been slashed to a limp, impotent shadow of its former self. Ethicon, intuitive along with niche players are taking away dramatic share. Soon it will be too apparent to bury in the numbers.

Medtronic Layoffs = Big Score For Shareholders

1 year ago

this post is indicative of just one more small-minded d head who has no understanding of corporate structure, hardage might as well be potus in this idiots mind

New Medtronic Paid Family Leave Benefits

1 year ago

Omar sure is nice to give all of these benefits to employees and their families but be so willing to order major layoffs without concern for our families.

The Medtronic Family Care Leave benefit allows up to six weeks of time away from work. For birth mothers, this benefit is in addition to maternity benefits; when combined with accrued paid time off, a new mother may be on leave for up to 18 weeks and paid at 100 percent for the full leave.

Company car choice

1 year ago

I never got in debt when I chose the Ford Explorer as my option back in the day.

Medtronic Diabetes

1 year ago

The MDT diabetes division should bring in way more than $2 billion in revenue but they run it like a device division when they should run it like a consumer product division.

Balloon Kyphoplasty

2 years ago

I'd rather not say what territory I'm looking at for obvious reasons. I'm more interested in understanding how kyphoplasty is received by surgeons and if it is being used at a decent rate.