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Bird Scooters Replacing Company Cars

12 months ago

I want to believe this is a joke but you never know what the bean counters are thinking at Medtronic.

Medtronic Puerto Rico Recalls

1 year ago

The Juncos, Puerto Rico plant is responsible for manufacturing the ICDs that led to the recent recall. Talking heads say the hurricane last year isn't to blame. So what's the real story here? Potential arcing inside the device is a big deal and led to many being removed prophylactically. The FDA hasn't closed the issue either.

Try explaining this to a surgeon after the BSC rep came in an trashed us about the recall. Pulling product out of a hospital and explaining the situation to a customer is …

How can I disable AirWatch location tracking on my iPad?

1 year ago

You guys are really dumb. Just use your own iPad for personal stuff and Medtronic's iPad for work. iPad's are so cheap now. Why would you risk your job by jacking with what Medtronic has installed on THEIR device?

Surgical Synergy

1 year ago

Would someone mind sharing what the Surgical Synergy strategy is in RTG?

Medtronic ENT

1 year ago

The HydroCleanse gets me crazy excited.

Infections with Nevro HF10

1 year ago

Heard this a few times since Nevro started claiming to be "the next best thing."

Medtronic combined bag position?

1 year ago

Medtronic doesn't have to lay-off or restructure if they combine sales positions. It's genius.

Kevin T. Foley and Medtronic

1 year ago

The new data came out and it's tough to tell if things have changed. Medtronic USA reduced payments but look at Vascular...


1 year ago

I don't see Nanostim having these issues.

Employee engagement survey

1 year ago

Pretty insightful post and not terribly off from what has happened at Medtronic over the last two years.

Medtronic Reveal LINQ

1 year ago

I disagree my friend. I end up being the one who deals with the surgeons when the patient returns with an infection at the implant site, pocket revisions, explants. My favorite is when Reveal erodes through the skin. Great conversations with your customers when that happens.

But it's cool. You can keep making twice as much as me while I do the heavy lifting.

Spine Nav and robotics consultant position??

1 year ago

Can someone comment on the pay, hours, and and any other realistic expectations of this position?

Medtronic Product Pipeline

1 year ago

Didn't take me long to see that the robotics program keeps getting pushed out...