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Medtronic DBS

7 months ago

Had this indication been approved 7-8 years ago, it would have been a big deal for the therapy. But the adoption of RNS and laser ablation has disrupted the Epilepsy space. MDT will be focused on defending share against the new BSX system which is very impressive.

Medtronic Transformative Solutions Layoffs at the Pease International Tradeport

7 months ago

"General Electric's chairman, John F. Welch Jr., who earned the nickname Neutron Jack on his reputation for eliminating people while leaving buildings standing"

"In the 1980's, Mr. Welch exemplified the relentless executive willing to mow down any employees standing between him and a brighter bottom line. Through layoffs, plant closings and the sale of businesses, he eliminated 100,000 jobs"


7 months ago

Kyphon reps getting a little squirrelly over losing market share? Are they even backfilling Kyphon positions?

Medtronic Advanced Energy Success

7 months ago

Truth about what this division has become --

I started in this division back with Covidien, way before it was what it is today. I'm back at Medtronic selling in the cardiovascular space. Omar must love the endo stapling/vessel sealing division, advanced energy because the division is growing and what they have to pay the reps for what they make is criminal. I would still take the job if it was offered today. Unfortunately I don't think I would have been given the position based on some of the rep…

Medtronic RTG Layoffs

7 months ago

Anything to get the stock price back up to $100...

Medtronic to acquire Nevro

7 months ago

We could probably get a better price today after Nevro's continued mismanagement of their company.

Super D versus Veran SPiN.

8 months ago

To add to SuperD's long term data, the Journal of Thoracic Oncology has published 12-month results of the NAVIGATE study, the largest, prospective, multicenter trial evaluating electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy (ENB) procedures using the superDimension(TM) navigation system to aid in lung cancer diagnosis, staging and treatment. NAVIGATE included a key finding that 65 percent of patients diagnosed by physicians with primary lung cancer were at early stages (Stage I or II) of the disease. E…

NavLock Tracker Safety Notice

8 months ago

Surgeons are so stubborn but then blame us when things go wrong.

The Lies at Medtronic New Haven

9 months ago

Don't the liars in the New Haven office know that HR can verify where they went to college if they actually do their jobs? I'm busting my a** and losing out to people who've lied about their degree and where they got it from. Look into it HR.

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The Puritan Bennett 980 Disaster

9 months ago

Yes but what is the alternative? Servo U costs are ridiculously high, Hamilton vents are boring galielos....Draeger is the same since the Evita4

Medtronic Neurovascular

10 months ago

The civil cases referenced in 10Q are the ones in the DOJ release - there was another civil settlement on the Peripheral side. Interestingly, no mention of the criminal in the 10Q. It sure seems that someone somewhere was misled if one lines up the past 10Q's and starts looking at dates and timelines. MDT bought bad goods. Shareholder lawsuits next?

Medtronic Disables CareLink Updates

11 months ago

Get ready for pissed off customers who have to deal with the 34,000 patients with CareLink affected programmers. Those patients will have to receive an update over USB from their doctor when new software is released.