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Medtronic RTG - Restorative Therapies Group

1 month ago

Eye opening, indeed. It's clear that Mazor wasn't handling cases and adverse events the way they should have, How is Medtronic handling these events differently? There has to be a concern for the patient and it does seem that Mazor could not be bothered.

Global Medical Device Security Symposium

2 months ago

The guest speaker was right -

The Department of Homeland Security and Medtronic are advising people with the latter's implantable defibrillators to keep their monitors and programmers updated and in sight. A warning issued by the department says over 20 Medtronic products are afflicted with vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers nearby. Sixteen of the products are implantable defibrillators -- some still sold around the world today -- while the others are the defibrillators' bedside…

Nevro Senza vs. Medtronic

2 months ago

What a turn of events....Nevro's CEO was replaced, all their reps have left or are getting canned. If we don't capitalize on these turn of events there's a problem.

Medtronic lay-off

2 months ago

Sales or internal? Was this part of a larger layoff inside CVG?

Is TAVR surgery safe and what company has the best product?

2 months ago

A new TAVR study proved as good or better than open heart surgery in younger, more active patients for whom the surgical option was deemed low risk. The trial results are being presented today. Despite the outcome the OP shared, now more TAVR cases could be considered in low-risk patients. Great for Medtronic and Edwards but bad for patients in the hands of surgeons with less than stellar hands.

GI Capital position - looking for information - good/bad/ugly

2 months ago

Any word on what’s going on with the reorganization? It so up in the air it could be layoffs, more hirings, and a bag of 9 products haha.

Medtronic Stock Nose Dive

2 months ago

It's actually a $6 billion buyback which is in addition to the $5 billion plan that was authorized in 2017. As the purchases do not happen all at the same time, there is still $1.3 billion left on the $5 billion plan from 2017. This would help explain some of the 28% increase MDT has seen over the last 2 years.

Medtronic DBS

3 months ago

Had this indication been approved 7-8 years ago, it would have been a big deal for the therapy. But the adoption of RNS and laser ablation has disrupted the Epilepsy space. MDT will be focused on defending share against the new BSX system which is very impressive.