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The Lies at Medtronic New Haven

4 weeks ago

Don't the liars in the New Haven office know that HR can verify where they went to college if they actually do their jobs? I'm busting my a** and losing out to people who've lied about their degree and where they got it from. Look into it HR.

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The Puritan Bennett 980 Disaster

1 month ago

Yes but what is the alternative? Servo U costs are ridiculously high, Hamilton vents are boring galielos....Draeger is the same since the Evita4

Medtronic Layoffs Message Board

1 month ago

Agreed about the New Haven office. These people lie about having degrees. Too many running around, going to start asking for proof now. Why do people have to lie?

Flowonix vs Medtronic

1 month ago

So you think the device caused the infection and not the implanting physician or your compliance? Truth is both pumps are equally effective, reps vary from city to city, managing docs make a huge difference and good luck getting your MRI with Flowonix.

"The Implant Files" Report Says Medtronic Linked to 9,300 Deaths

1 month ago

Advamed thinks it's fake news.

Medtronic Neurovascular

2 months ago

The civil cases referenced in 10Q are the ones in the DOJ release - there was another civil settlement on the Peripheral side. Interestingly, no mention of the criminal in the 10Q. It sure seems that someone somewhere was misled if one lines up the past 10Q's and starts looking at dates and timelines. MDT bought bad goods. Shareholder lawsuits next?

Medtronic Disables CareLink Updates

3 months ago

Get ready for pissed off customers who have to deal with the 34,000 patients with CareLink affected programmers. Those patients will have to receive an update over USB from their doctor when new software is released.

Medtronic Interstim

3 months ago

In everyone's opinion, what is the biggest reason for the downfall of this division?

To the OP, how can this division be in a downfall when they have 100% marketshare????

Medtronic Evolut Deaths

3 months ago

"Non surgical", huh? Is this really the type of marketing you encourage customers to use to attract patients?

Bird Scooters Replacing Company Cars

4 months ago

I want to believe this is a joke but you never know what the bean counters are thinking at Medtronic.