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Medical Marijuana

2 months ago

Based solely on word count (I didn’t read past the fourth sentence) it looks like you probably have a pretty solid disability case.

Continued Security Flaws and Hacking Medtronic Products

2 months ago

At this point, I think hackers are just messing with Medtronic because it's so obvious they can't get this stuff together and develop secure products that don't need to be patched every other week.

With the recent recall announcement of the MiniMed508 and Paradigm series insulin pumps, what will the next product be? It's embarrassing and you would think that Omar and the executive team would make a bigger priority considering every major news outlet and tech site picks up a story about hackers …

"The Implant Files" Report Says Medtronic Linked to 9,300 Deaths

3 months ago

Wow, this is truly a "game changer". I have written an article on the device (for my class), below. However, after reading new information about what has transpired, certainly raises concerns, although anytime there are electronics involved, there is alway an unfortunate chance of negative impacts. Sad


The healthcare industry faces more changes and challenges than any other business, and being centered around patient care,must be able to meet and assist with improving the lives of their pa…

Medtronic Acquires Titan Spine

3 months ago

The deal is officially closed so Medtronic can start to layoff everyone at Titan.

Contract to Perm

3 months ago

There is an opportunity for a contract sourcer handling supply chain reqs. It's a 3 month gig. Is it worth it and can the job turn into FT?

Medtronic Recalls

3 months ago

Were they the ones working on StealthStation?

CRDN and APV teams unite in EMEA

4 months ago

Yesterday, there was an announcement about restructuring the CRDN and APV organization by combining the teams in EMEA region. Any clues why this happened

CVG Falling Apart?

4 months ago

Reveal LINQ actually had the best growth in over two years. Definitely not enough to carry CVG but a positive at least. TAA isn't in my division but I did hear growth was ok there.

2019 Spinal RIF

4 months ago

low single digit growth will make that happen.