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Medtronic Pacing Problems

2 weeks ago

Batteries can't hold a charge, hacker security issues, pacing modes all messed up, what's next for this once illustrious set of Medtronic products?

Medtronic Restructuring Update

3 weeks ago

Medtronic isn't unlike any other company - their reason for being in business is to make money. The fact that they help people while doing so is more incidental these days. The mission is noble, but this is no longer Earl's company.

Can sales reps change divisions within Medtronic?

3 weeks ago

Depends on the division but very hard to go from a lower level division to say, CVG as a rep. You would have to take a step back first.

Medtronic Robotic Program Still Committed to FY '20 Launch

3 weeks ago

There was one sentence related to this robot during the most recent conference call. And not one question asking to elaborate.

Selling against Nevro

3 weeks ago

The SCS market is saturated and becoming a commodity to surgeons. The sale comes down to rep and the cost of the device.

Is Medtronic Handling Adverse Events Differently Than Mazor Did?

3 weeks ago

From the Mazor Board -

The reps plan the pedicle screw placements for the robot to position for the patient and surgeon. The surgeon drills as directed by the robot (rep). Mazor will never admit (be honest) on this. It’s SOP for the clinical reps. So many other issues with Mazor and the robot. Needs to be looked into.

Medtronic Neuro

3 weeks ago

Why were Joel Harris and John Zehern fired

Medtronic Hiring Freeze

3 weeks ago

I was told Monday there was a hiring freeze for 2 weeks, not sure if it just Northern California or other areas, as well.

Medtronic Santa Rosa Layoffs

3 weeks ago

I've always understood severance at Medtronic is two weeks for each year.


4 weeks ago

I'm not sure if it was a rumor or just Bernstein trying to stir the pot so they can get more research business. 5 years later and nothing close has come of it. Plus I'm sure Stryker would do everything they could to prevent Medtronic from acquiring the company. What has Medtronic done in ortho to make Stryker think they wouldn't ruin the business overnight?

Medtronic CEO Compensation

4 weeks ago

When Neutron Omar retires in the next decade, expect Medtronic to be paying for his house, groceries, restaurant tabs, courtside tickets to Timberwolves games, the US Open, Wimbledon, box seats at Twins games, country club fees, bodyguards, unlimited lifetime personal use of the Medtronic corporate jet, limos, etc... That's what he learned from his mentor....

Divorce papers filed by the wife of Jack Welch Jr., the former CEO of General Electric, allege that GE covered living costs for the couple…

New CIO Sean Lennon

1 month ago

Does he have anything to do with pacemaker security and their risk of being hacked into? If so, he can start there.