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"The Implant Files" Report Says Medtronic Linked to 9,300 Deaths

2 weeks ago

Wow, this is truly a "game changer". I have written an article on the device (for my class), below. However, after reading new information about what has transpired, certainly raises concerns, although anytime there are electronics involved, there is alway an unfortunate chance of negative impacts. Sad


The healthcare industry faces more changes and challenges than any other business, and being centered around patient care,must be able to meet and assist with improving the lives of their pa…

Medtronic Integrated Health Solutions

3 weeks ago

Good for the industry as a whole but bad for sales reps. Who takes the hit with these lower costs, especially when comp plans stay the same?

  • Hospitals in the Comprehensive Joint Replacement payment model saved nearly $1,000 per episode of care in the first two years while maintaining quality of care standards, according to a recent evaluation.
  • Medicare likely saved money as well, although it's unclear exactly how much. The report, prepared for CMS by Lewin Group, estimates the savings at $17.4 mil…

Medtronic Acquires Titan Spine

3 weeks ago

The deal is officially closed so Medtronic can start to layoff everyone at Titan.

Contract to Perm

4 weeks ago

There is an opportunity for a contract sourcer handling supply chain reqs. It's a 3 month gig. Is it worth it and can the job turn into FT?

Stealth Station Recalls

4 weeks ago

More recalls recently with the Synergy Cranial Software and StealthStation S7 Cranial Software used with the StealthStation. Imagine having a biopsy and relying on a product with multiple recalls.

Medtronic Recalls

4 weeks ago

Were they the ones working on StealthStation?

Medtronic Stock

4 weeks ago

Medtronic's board of directors approved an 8 percent increase in the quarterly cash dividend. This is the 42nd year in a row that Medtronic has increased their dividend. The dividend per share is up 77% in the last five years and the company will continue to return 50% of free cash flow to shareholders through dividend and share repurchases.

Thank you, Omar!