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What's the Strategy in the U.S. for Neovasc's Reducer?

5 months ago

Neovasc (Nasdaq: NVCN) is a medical device company primarily known for Reducer, which is a minimally invasive device that helps treat patients with refractory angina. The device has been approved in Europe

MannKind CEO "Lack of" Performance

7 months ago

Great news on the pricing in Brazil, Mike!! But who is going to know about it if your press release is literally three lines long with no quotes from you or anyone associated with MannKind !! Another big miss by you and the management team...

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., Jan. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ: MNKD) announced today that its Brazilian partner, Biomm S.A., has received written notice from the Chamber of Regulation of the Medicines Market (CMED) approving the pr…

Is Amgen Looking to Acquire MannKind

8 months ago

Is Amgen Looking to Acquire MannKind

- No, and no one in their right mind would invest or own MannKind

Does MannKind CEO Post on the MNKD Proboards?

8 months ago

repost of recent proboard discussion this morning re MC/MNKD


Hard to imagine that every BP CEO isn't fully aware of Afrezza's superior effectiveness and is keeping a close eye on the slowly increasing sales. If not the CEO directly, then their scientific advisor(s). If a BP CEO were to overlook scientific trends and only wait until they see a pre-determined level of revenue and sales growth, they would never have become a CEO.

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I have friends in BP. The higher up…

MannKind's 4 Pillars for Creating Shareholder Value

8 months ago

A year ago this week, MannKind announced a $40 million offering. Fingers crossed Mike doesn't need another one this year.

What's the mood like at MannKind

9 months ago

I guess that depends if you believe in the 4 Pillars for Creating Shareholder Value that are supposed to transform the company. Is this enough to make a difference or just words on a page...?


  • United Therapeutics
  • Cipla
  • Biomm
  • AMSL (New 2Q)
  • Receptor Life Sciences
  • OneDrop

T e c h n o s p h e r e P l a t f o r m

  • Build out of high potency manufacturing
  • United Therapeutics – TreT & undisclosed compound
  • New molecules in development


  • Packaging, Dosing, CGM data
  • Q2,New Scientific Data released at…

MannKind Sales Reps

9 months ago

As of last quarter's conference call, MannKind has 75 reps in the field. Compare that to what a normal big pharma company has and it's miniature as they typically have 400-500 reps out in the field. I'm not saying they need to hire that many because they can't afford them but Mike C and the team should think about alternative marketing strategies.

How about social influencers? We've seen it work in the past and there are so many patients who believe Afrezza has been life changing for them. Why n…

More Afrezza Reps Hired

9 months ago

2 years since this was posted and MannKind still doesn't have enough feet on the street, hasn't raised awareness and the stock has gone from over $3 to barely over $1. What is Mike C doing?

MannKind Direct Purchase Program

1 year ago

Any internal employees or those in sales want to share their feelings about the changes made to the direct purchase program? Going from $4 to $5 per day is only a $1 difference but that could have a very negative affect on those patients who want Afrezza. The costs add up too as most patients end up spending more than $5 per day. As a point of reference, Express Scripts maxes out certain insulin at no more than $25 per month. That's .83 per day.

So the program is great for the company but only if…