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JNJ Sucks

5 years ago

Who can forget this gem?


What's Next for TransEnterix after Senhance's FDA Clearance

1 year ago

In typical FDA fashion, TransEnterix received their FDA clearance letter late Friday afternoon for their Senhance surgical robot which was very welcomed by investors as the stock jumped 63% in after-hours trading. Senhance is the first new entrant into

Johnson & Johnson Primary Care Position

4 years ago

You will be lucky to hit 100k total but you will have to negotiate to make that happen. The best advice I can give is go speciality. You don't want to be stuck in PC.

J&J Hid Risperdal Risks of Boy Breast Development, Jury Told

4 years ago

For those keeping track of the relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and former FDA staffers, Johnson & Johnson added Mark McClellan, who served as FDA commissioner from 2002 to 2004 and then headed the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services from 2004 to 2006, to its board of directors. At least Former FDA commissioner David Kessler understands what conflict of interest means and testified against Johnson & Johnson and for the Risperdal victim at trial.

BOYCOTT Johnson & Johnson hired exFDA Commissioner. on Buycott

Buycott helps you to organize your everyday consumer spending so that it reflects your principles.


4 years ago

Cordis will do a better job than Gary did.

Stryker Sues Biomet for Stealing Reps and Corporate Secrets

2 years ago

Stryker (Howmedica Osteonics Corp) takes their non-compete agreements seriously, and on Wednesday, they sued three Biomet affiliates in Texas, claiming they poached Stryker employees involved in the Foot and Ankle business.


3 years ago

That's the amazing part, investors are upset, but they knew what got when they promoted Gorsky, Pruden, and Ross who've had their hands in every major fraud within the company dating back to the 80's.

More fuel for your fire Melayna

3 years ago

A troll on the Abbott/Abbvie Board is upset that their CEO was exposed for lying to the SEC twice about both undergraduate and a master's degree and, taken his abusive tactics to other boards as a means to discredit a JNJ whistleblower, who also exposed Abbott Abbvie CEO Richard Gonzalez in an unrelated piece. Frauds don't like getting pubilically called out.

Boost sales with a simple 7 step pre-call plan

2 years ago

Pre-call plans are one of the most effective tools a sales rep can use in preparing for a sales call. However, in our experience, sales reps bypass using them unless they happen to be on a field ride with their manager.

4 Tips for Managing a New Medical Sales Territory

2 years ago

A number of sales reps think sales success happens because you can schmooze and are a likable person. There is no doubt those factors can lead to one-off successes, but long-term success in sales in due to strategy and planning.

JNJ Pension Reduction

2 years ago

This was announced 2 years ago and they are still reducing benefits. If you have a chance to make more money then leave while you can. Staying at JNJ too long is a negative on your resume.