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JNJ Pension Reduction

2 years ago

This was announced 2 years ago and they are still reducing benefits. If you have a chance to make more money then leave while you can. Staying at JNJ too long is a negative on your resume.

More fuel for your fire Melayna

3 years ago

A troll on the Abbott/Abbvie Board is upset that their CEO was exposed for lying to the SEC twice about both undergraduate and a master's degree and, taken his abusive tactics to other boards as a means to discredit a JNJ whistleblower, who also exposed Abbott Abbvie CEO Richard Gonzalez in an unrelated piece. Frauds don't like getting pubilically called out.


3 years ago

That's the amazing part, investors are upset, but they knew what got when they promoted Gorsky, Pruden, and Ross who've had their hands in every major fraud within the company dating back to the 80's.


4 years ago

Cordis will do a better job than Gary did.