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Stick a fork in ASP and Sterilmed

9 months ago

Fortive overpaid for ASP, they can't afford to take on a large number of new employees as part of the ASP acquisition. Instead of negotiating a lower price that would allow Fortive to afford some kind of 1 or 2 year retention package up-front to ASP employees to ease the transition, SN drove up the asking price so that he pockets more cash at the expense of current ASP employees. Fortive already has their own employees in their organization who can take on most of the duties currently performe…

JNJ Care Advantage

11 months ago

How much did JNJ pay an MBA to come up with this nonsense?

Johnson & Johnson Pulls Ads From Laura Ingraham Show

12 months ago

I fully believe that a majority of JNJ employees hold the credo with high regard. The problems start when lawsuits, earnings, revenue, falling short on revenue, bad products, and all the challenges of running a public company get in the way of things....the credo goes out the window for JNJ execs, the board and the legal team.

Titan Medical and JNJ Partnership or Acquisition

1 year ago

There is a rumor going around that JNJ may be in the process of partnering with Titan or even working on something more substantial. Can any JNJ employees with knowledge confirm whether this is true or not?

I can't see anything like this being real considering the partnership with Alphabet (Google) and JNJ. Verb surgical is working in stealth mode and appear to be doing their own thing. I don't know why JNJ would need anything at all from Titan.

On the flip-side, I've heard this from a couple of r…

Jim Cramer is an Idiot

1 year ago

I think you are right that Cramer said JNJ should split up. Nothing ever came of it and probably will not either.

List of Johnson & Johnson Lawsuits

1 year ago

But.. But ..But.. But.. she she has 58 followers on twitter Haa Haa How Fkn sad is that ?

Gary Pruden is a star

1 year ago

I saw Gary in NYC when I was at a conference and he was walking around 20 feet in front of his wife. He had no interest in waiting for her as she struggled to keep up with him. Believe it or not, this can give you a good indication on what type of person he is. Never trusted him after seeing it.

JNJ Medical Device Business and Sandy Peterson

1 year ago

Sandy has no idea what kind of sh*t storm she got herself into. The device business at JNJ is a mess. I'm most shocked it hasn't been broken off and spun out as a stand alone public company.

Bye Gary

2 years ago

I already miss Gary.

Vision Care Territory Business Manager

2 years ago

Is there anybody out there who can provide feedback on what it is like to work for Johnson & Johnson Vision? I am interviewing for a position they call a Vision Care Territory Business Manager. The pay is 80k but the Johnson & Johnson recruiter did not tell me how much of that is salary vs. commission.

Is this job a good move from B2B? I am coming from Paychex and want to get into medical sales. All thoughts would be helpful!

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Investor Presentations

2 years ago

Johnson & Johnson Showcases Strong Pipeline of Transformational Medicines at its Pharmaceutical Business Review Meeting

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J., May 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- At a meeting today with industry analysts, senior leaders of Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) and its Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies will announce plans to launch or file for regulatory approval more than 10 new products with blockbuster potential between 2017 and 2021, as well as 50-plus...