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JNJ Pays 29 Million in Baby Powder Case

2 months ago

There are already so many TV ads by ambulance chasers for anyone diagnosed with cancer who has previously used talcum powder. It's ridiculous.

Johnson & Johnson Interested in Acquiring Auris Health

3 months ago

Uh, look at the founder and his track record before you make stupid comments. The only concern should be JNJ screwing it up.

Gorsky wants to save lives with help from Apple

3 months ago

In an interview with CNBC, J&J Chairman and CEO Alex Gorsky spoke about the partnership, calling it a "pivotal step" that could positively affect consumers and patients.

"If we can detect [AFib] earlier, we can get them the right medication [and] we can help them be compliant on these medications over a longer period of time. Ultimately, we're going to save lives," Mr. Gorsky said.

Mr. Gorsky said the partnership shows how technology is pushing its way further into healthcare.

"I think it really s…

Verb Surgical with JNJ and Google

3 months ago

The rumors were true with JNJ acquiring Auris for $3.4 billion. This could be JNJ pulling the trigger on a technology that looks like nothing else to ever hit the market. It could also be an admission that their partnership with Verb isn't producing the types of products they had hoped.

MD&D Travel Restriction

4 months ago

I'm on the MD&D side and this is par for the course come Q3, but never have I seen it take place this early in the year. It's happening where I'm at too. Even the marketing team is being asked to limit their's like we're already surrendering to another year of negative sales numbers!


4 months ago

EMBOTRAP is a great product. That good enough info for you?

Johnson & Johnson JLabs

7 months ago

JNJ was nice enough to give BioSpace a sneak peak of the JLABS 2018 Impact Report and they wrote about it.

Exclusive: J&J's JLABS Incubators Show off Success of First Six Years | BioSpace

It has been six years since Johnson & Johnson first launched its JLabs incubators for the life science industry with a vision of providing assistance to startups that could potentially bring about a new paradigm of care for patients.

Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon, DePuy Synthes, Acclarent, Mentor, Biosense Webster, Advanced Sterilization Products employees

7 months ago

Huge chunk of DePuy Synthes was divested to Jabil. Now JNJ will eliminate or reduce the DePuy Synthes product codes made at these Jabil facilities, and Jabil will eliminate thousands of jobs.

JNJ Robotic Surgery Program

7 months ago

Worst case scenario, they never launch a robot or something that is substantial to JNJ's revenue. I would argue this is the more likely scenario.