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2 months ago

While Amgen and others in the industry are lowering drug prices, J&J decided it was in their best interest to raise prices on 12 drugs today.

Most of the J&J increases were between 6 percent and 7 percent and the increases will come from the psoriasis treatment Stelara, prostate cancer drug Zytiga and blood thinner Xarelto,

J&J said the average list price increase on its drugs will be 4.2 percent this year. However, it expects the net price it actually receives for its medicines to drop. That is…

JnJ Executive Committee Changes

2 months ago

Risperdal. Hip implants. Baby Powder. But Teflon Alex will never see the stand. What about the CrAYdOH?

Johnson & Johnson JLabs

5 months ago

JNJ was nice enough to give BioSpace a sneak peak of the JLABS 2018 Impact Report and they wrote about it.

Exclusive: J&J's JLABS Incubators Show off Success of First Six Years | BioSpace

It has been six years since Johnson & Johnson first launched its JLabs incubators for the life science industry with a vision of providing assistance to startups that could potentially bring about a new paradigm of care for patients.

Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon, DePuy Synthes, Acclarent, Mentor, Biosense Webster, Advanced Sterilization Products employees

5 months ago

Huge chunk of DePuy Synthes was divested to Jabil. Now JNJ will eliminate or reduce the DePuy Synthes product codes made at these Jabil facilities, and Jabil will eliminate thousands of jobs.

JNJ Robotic Surgery Program

5 months ago

Worst case scenario, they never launch a robot or something that is substantial to JNJ's revenue. I would argue this is the more likely scenario.

Consumer Products

6 months ago

Millions of dollars would be saved and useless middle management would be kicked to the curb with this plan!


6 months ago

Welcome to JNJ where they jack up the goals so much that no one can make incentive comp.


7 months ago

Dan Zelem getting what he deserved.

Cardiovascular & Specialty Solutions (CSS) Group

8 months ago


CSS doesn't fit into the long-term strategy of where J&J is going in terms of maintaining at least 4% growth. There will have to be more than just layoffs in order for J&J to fix what's broken here. BWI is a keeper for J&J, and BWI is already physically separate from the rest of CSS with their own buildings and campus in Irwindale & Israel. Mentor could easily be sold off or spun back off into an independent company as they were before 2009 since they have their own buildings and campuses i…