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Cardiovascular & Specialty Solutions (CSS) Group

7 months ago

President of Cerenovus left. Not sure whether it was her choice or not. There were a few positions cut this week in Mentor and Cerenovus... does anyone know more?

Johnson & Johnson Already Ruining Auris Health

3 weeks ago

That's what JNJ/Ethicon does with their medical device start up acquisitions. They acquire them, force the employees to acquire the Ethicon culture, bog down the innovation that the start ups were developing, and slowly kick out leadership and bring in the Ethicon rejects to take over.

I'm at one of their device acquisitions and we are already seeing this happen. Is it any surprise that the majority of their medical device start up acquisitions have been shuttered and/or failed a few years after…

Verb Surgical Jobs

3 weeks ago

What's the best way to find a job with Verb Surgical and how is the culture now that JNJ has fully taken over the company? Is Verb still kind of its own little company? Thanks in advance for the help.

Johnson & Johnson Pharma Pipeline

1 month ago

What prospects are you most excited about in J&J's pharma pipeline?

Spravato....just approved in Europe too....

Amarin gets boost from AstraZeneca and Acasti's study failures

6 days ago

After fake news attacks, and constant attacks by short sellers, Amarin investors finally woke up to some great news on Monday morning as AstraZeneca​ and Acasti Pharma​​ both announced surprisingly disappointing study results for their fish oil products

J&J Layoffs

3 months ago

Johnson & Johnson said it planned to eliminate 297 employees at its Wayne facility, in a similar letter sent to the Department of Labor.

List of Johnson & Johnson Lawsuits

3 months ago

"500 Risperdal Lawsuits" - There are over 7,000 in Philadelphia County alone. The company was given a $8 billion judgement today (October 8th) for Risperdal.

JnJ Executive Committee Changes

5 months ago

JnJ should be separated. It's too big and frankly the executive committee is just after big growth, so its focus is primarily in pharmaceutical to the detriment of the other divisions.

Rogaine Causes "werewolf syndrome" in kids

5 months ago

One little known fact is that J&J Consumer owns Rogaine (minoxidil) and now a bunch of kids were accidentally given the hairloss drug in Spain. What happened next is frightful...

At least 17 babies and children in Spain began growing hair all over their faces and bodies after they were accidentally given the hair-loss drug, minoxidil, which a Spanish pharmaceutical company had mislabeled as a medication to treat acid reflux.

The error lead the children to develop a form of the rare condition, hype…

Judge Rules Against Johnson & Johnson in Opioid Case in Oklahoma

5 months ago

They equally share the blame. For the companies that pushed opioids hard to all of those physicians and those physicians that listened, taken perks and money from these companies. They are after all thick as thieves.

Companies should never sell directly to physicians and companies should never provide funding directly to physicians.