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J&J Layoffs

2 weeks ago

they just announced this week the divisions are consolidating. zarbees and neostrata lead each division. pain/allergy/cold cough / DH / Wound / Eye and Oral are 1 division now... the other division is baby / aveeno / skin.. they will most likely try to sell some of the lower performing brands now that they are consolidating.

Cardiovascular & Specialty Solutions (CSS) Group

2 weeks ago

President of Cerenovus left. Not sure whether it was her choice or not. There were a few positions cut this week in Mentor and Cerenovus... does anyone know more?

JNJ Stock

3 weeks ago

30% higher than normal volume and the stock is down over 6% on the news of the opioid case in Oklahoma. Will JNJ ever see $150 with all of these opioid cases hitting the courts?


1 month ago

JnJ Executive Committee Changes

2 months ago

Synthes has already been divested to Jabil, for all intents & purposes.

JNJ Please Sell MD&D

2 months ago

Ashley McEvoy was spinning the failures hard talking about upcoming robotics platforms and the ATTUNE revision successes. Smoke and mirrors.

Apple unveils new health features in iOS 13

2 weeks ago

Yesterday, at Apple's Apple's annual WWDC developer conference, the company unveiled iOS13 their new mobile operating system. As expected, there were several health related features added to the latest software update, including iPhone and Apple Watch users now being able to monitor hearing health over time and menstrual cycles and symptoms.

Outsource the Farm at JNJ

2 months ago

Well, they have been known to do stupid and crazy things.

Discrimination comes in all colors at JNJ

2 months ago

This individual is not making excuses. How do I know? I was at a national sales management breakout session when this comment was made to the entire sales management team by our VP of Sales. That is FACT.

Bye Gary

3 months ago

Dude, the package he got when he left is more than what all the ethicon reps will have at retirement. The guy was crazy successful.

Reports of Layoffs at Ascension Wisconsin

2 weeks ago

There have been rumors on our Ascension Health forum​ that layoffs were on the horizon, and this morning we received an anonymous tip sharing that 300-499 layoffs are being announced at Ascension Wisconsin.

Alex Gorsky only made $20 million last year

3 months ago

Another $775 million settlement between Bayer and JNJ for over 25,000 Xarelto lawsuits. We are talking about almost $1 billion for Alios and an extra $350 million if you split up the Xarelto settlement from Bayer. At what point does Gorsky be held accountable for all these lawsuits?

J&J takes a $900 million loss for RSV drug

3 months ago

Add in another $775 million hit between Bayer and JNJ to settle more than 25,000 Xarelto lawsuits.

So much money going out the door!