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JNJ Please Sell MD&D

2 days ago

Ashley McEvoy was spinning the failures hard talking about upcoming robotics platforms and the ATTUNE revision successes. Smoke and mirrors.

Layoffs Reported at Medtronic's Heartware Location

1 day ago

Earlier today, there were reports on our Medtronic forums of layoffs at the Medtronic's Heartware location. According to the Heartware website, their corporate office is located in Framingham, MA with operations, manufacturing and distribution centers in Miami Lakes, FL and Arden Hills, MN. We have reached out to Medtronic for comment.

Outsource the Farm at JNJ

3 days ago

Well, they have been known to do stupid and crazy things.

J&J Layoffs

1 week ago

Around 60 people were affected by this layoff in Biopatch. Some were offered positions in other divisions but most were not. Their last day is at the end of the week. Happy Easter and may good fortune come to the credo and those who follow it.


1 week ago

The approval of Balversa on Friday could be a huge boost, possibly generating billions in sales.

Boston Scientific Gets FDA Nod for LOTUS Edge Aortic Valve System

1 day ago

Boston Scientific received FDA approval for their LOTUS Edge Aortic Valve System, which is a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) used for patients with severe aortic stenosis who are considered at high risk for surgical valve replacement via open heart surgery.

Discrimination comes in all colors at JNJ

2 weeks ago

This individual is not making excuses. How do I know? I was at a national sales management breakout session when this comment was made to the entire sales management team by our VP of Sales. That is FACT.

Bye Gary

3 weeks ago

Dude, the package he got when he left is more than what all the ethicon reps will have at retirement. The guy was crazy successful.

Alex Gorsky only made $20 million last year

1 month ago

Another $775 million settlement between Bayer and JNJ for over 25,000 Xarelto lawsuits. We are talking about almost $1 billion for Alios and an extra $350 million if you split up the Xarelto settlement from Bayer. At what point does Gorsky be held accountable for all these lawsuits?

Best Ways for Sales Reps to Watch TV While Traveling for Work

3 days ago

For those of us who travel for work, our friends and family often think we are lucky and living the good life. What they don't realize is we are usually stuck in an office building or hospital during our travel, only to head back to our hotel to eat and get caught up on the email we missed during the day.

J&J takes a $900 million loss for RSV drug

1 month ago

Add in another $775 million hit between Bayer and JNJ to settle more than 25,000 Xarelto lawsuits.

So much money going out the door!

Johnson & Johnson Credo, huh?

1 month ago

For those in MD&D, this guy hit the nail on the head --

Anyone who's worked for the company for 5 years or more (my experience was in the MD&D sector) knows the Credo is used to brow beat employees into drinking the Kool-Aid. Like the alleged HR rep said earlier in this thread, the primary factor is the business bottom line, and thus becomes the implied first paragraph of the Credo. Whenever questionable business practices hit the headlines, JnJ will reliably trot out the Tylenol recall from 1982…

JNJ Pays 29 Million in Baby Powder Case

1 month ago

There are already so many TV ads by ambulance chasers for anyone diagnosed with cancer who has previously used talcum powder. It's ridiculous.

Johnson & Johnson Interested in Acquiring Auris Health

2 months ago

Uh, look at the founder and his track record before you make stupid comments. The only concern should be JNJ screwing it up.