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Gorsky wants to save lives with help from Apple

15 hours ago

In an interview with CNBC, J&J Chairman and CEO Alex Gorsky spoke about the partnership, calling it a "pivotal step" that could positively affect consumers and patients.

"If we can detect [AFib] earlier, we can get them the right medication [and] we can help them be compliant on these medications over a longer period of time. Ultimately, we're going to save lives," Mr. Gorsky said.

Mr. Gorsky said the partnership shows how technology is pushing its way further into healthcare.

"I think it really s…

Intermountain Healthcare to let its doctors recommend medical marijuana

3 days ago

After the Utah Medical Cannabis Act passed in December, Intermountain Healthcare reached out to a number of people, including patients, advocates, physicians, nurses, and pharmacists in an effort to understand how to implement care for those patients with a qualifying condition as defined by the Utah Medical Cannabis Act.

Jabril Strategic Collaboration

5 days ago

Long-term, the goal is to manage all manufacturing through Jabril or a similar outsourcing partner.

The org is going risk-off.

Medivis Launches AR Technology Platform for Surgical Applications

4 days ago

Medivis, a medical imaging and visualization company for surgical applications, has officially unveiled "SurgicalAR," its augmented reality (AR) technology platform for surgical applications that leverages Microsoft HoloLens technology to improve surgical precision and operator confidence while ensuring patient safety.

Verb Surgical with JNJ and Google

6 days ago

The rumors were true with JNJ acquiring Auris for $3.4 billion. This could be JNJ pulling the trigger on a technology that looks like nothing else to ever hit the market. It could also be an admission that their partnership with Verb isn't producing the types of products they had hoped.

JNJ Please Sell MD&D

4 weeks ago

Gorsky said they were going to starting trying harder on their medical device business. I'm not lying. That's basically a direct quote.

MD&D Travel Restriction

1 month ago

I'm on the MD&D side and this is par for the course come Q3, but never have I seen it take place this early in the year. It's happening where I'm at too. Even the marketing team is being asked to limit their's like we're already surrendering to another year of negative sales numbers!


1 month ago

EMBOTRAP is a great product. That good enough info for you?

Johnson & Johnson Credo, huh?

1 month ago

Guess who's the worst offender for this issue (buying doctors and making them JnJ's mouthpiece)? ...... It's no other than Biosense Webster..... that company is just full of liars and opaque people (maybe it's too much sunshine out here)..... and this is coming from someone that works in this office.


1 month ago

While Amgen and others in the industry are lowering drug prices, J&J decided it was in their best interest to raise prices on 12 drugs today.

Most of the J&J increases were between 6 percent and 7 percent and the increases will come from the psoriasis treatment Stelara, prostate cancer drug Zytiga and blood thinner Xarelto,

J&J said the average list price increase on its drugs will be 4.2 percent this year. However, it expects the net price it actually receives for its medicines to drop. That is…

JnJ Executive Committee Changes

1 month ago

Risperdal. Hip implants. Baby Powder. But Teflon Alex will never see the stand. What about the CrAYdOH?